Stag Night vs. Stag Weekend

Why have a stag night when you can have a stag WEEKEND?! Yes, the stag night may soon become a thing of the past as today’s stags demand more, more, more bang for their buck and we here at Funktion Events are right there with you. So we have put together a few excellent weekend packages that combine an excellent time with value for your dime; which one is going to be YOUR weekend?

All packages include the activity, your accommodation and all the nightlife you can handle. You’ll start by arriving at your classy hotel where you will be staying for the next two nights before heading off with your mates to whatever activity you have decided to treat them to/inflict on them. We will put together a personalised local guide for you, detailing all the best places to eat and drink, perfect if you're in an unfamiliar city.

We will also arrange entry to a top city nightclub where you will get the VIP treatment. And you’ve got a guaranteed hot breakfast to wake up to if you can stomach it after the partying the night before. You’ve then got a whole day to recover and explore the city before a nice quiet early night in your hotel bed. Yeah, right.

So, what activity is it to be? There are lots to choose from and each is guaranteed to provide the right mix of competition and cooperation; the two defining elements of man. A recent popular favourite is our Stag VS Food Challenge…

In this gourmet celebration of greed, the stag is challenged to consume one of three options: ‘Wings of Fire’ (15 supercharged hot chicken wings), ‘Skyscraper’ (four big signature stacker burgers bulging with fries and onion rings) or the mysterious ‘Nacho Tank’, along with 3 bottles of Corona. If anyone wants to join in and compete along with the stag, they can do so for just £10 a head or, if not, then they can just enjoy the included hotdog/burger and fries meal with beers.

Feeling full? Now it’s time for Sports Day! Just kidding. Check out our full selection of Stag Weekend Packages.

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