Save £££s with our Sports MegaMix!

Sports Megamix

Funktion Events is well known for helping stags and hens all over the UK to create an exciting, personalised events package at an attractive, cost-effective price. In response to customer demand, we have put together the Sports MegaMix activity package and, for a limited time, you can save a massive 17% per person when you choose any two activities!

With no less than SEVEN sporty activities to choose from, you can quickly and easily create the stag party of a lifetime. Don't forget that you can choose any two of the following for one all-inclusive price.

  1. Bubble Football. Each person gets their very own inflatable bubble suit for a full hour of crazy carnage on the field. You can bash and crash your way around in complete safety and a referee will be on hand to make sure you all play fair. If you fancy upgrading your ref to a totally beautiful babe then you can do so, but don't let her distract you from the game!
  2. Archery Battle Zone Tag. In this brand-new activity, which combines archery and dodgeball skills, you'll split into teams and defend your bunker by any means possible! Play five games of about ten minutes each for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
  3. Binocular Football. Most binoculars help you to see better but not these; instead you'll wear distorting goggles that make a simple game of football a very challenging proposition indeed. Everything's included, right down to the kit you'll be wearing.
  4. FootGolf.It's football. It's golf. It's FootGolf! Kick your way to glory on the green with lots of additional challenges along the way.
  5. Turbo Ten10 Cricket.Cricket is known for being a sport that is played at a relatively sedate pace. Not so with Turbo Ten10 Cricket, which is the absolute reverse! All equipment is provided, as well as a private venue.
  6. Old School Sports Day.Where else can you enjoy the subtle pleasures of the three-legged race, egg-and-spoon race and the like? Unless you have a time-machine, then an old school sports day is the place!
  7. Dodgeball. You'll need your wits about you as the opposing team slings the ball in your direction. Avoid at all costs! As with all events, the equipment you need is provided along with a trained event coordinator.

All that remains to do is to choose your perfect pair! Enjoy.

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