Lovely Leeds to Satisfy your Party Needs

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool. These cities are the first to appear on any UK-wide list, whether it’s about the best place to eat, the most expensive place to buy a house or just about any other comparative you care to name. While these big cities may seem to have it all, there are definite advantages to the alter­natives…

Leeds Hen Party Ideas

When you hit the big time and everyone knows your name, it’s very easy to get complacent. You don’t have to worry about pleasing the individual; so what if a few people don’t enjoy their visit? There’s always more people queuing up to try. If you're a little less well-known, then you go that extra mile to make sure your guests are happy.

Satisfy your Party NeedsAnother aspect that separates the big city from its smaller counterpart is style. While the bigger cities tend towards blandness as they try to cater to every taste, the smaller city maintains its unique and inimitable personality that you won’t find anywhere else.

So if you're looking for a city to have an exciting, personalised and memorable hen party, then look no further than have a hen do in Leeds! This up-and-coming city combines big ideas with bigger perso­nali­ties, all wrapped up in a perfectly-petite package. Forget the big names: Leeds is the place for those in the know. The Top 3 most popular hen do activities in Leeds are:

  • Cocktail Making: become a mixologist as you create the perfect cocktail to suit your drinking style. This activity includes food platters to make sure you don’t get TOO tiddly with your unique boozy creations!

  • Life Drawing: everything is included, from the skills of a qualified tutor to a full selection of drawing materials… plus a nude model of course!

  • Dance Party: choose your theme and let your personal dance instructor lead the way; your group will soon be strutting its stuff like profes­si­onals. Loads of themes to choose from, including Dirty Dancing, Cheer­le­ading, Salsa and the ever-popular, super-provocative Burlesque

To top off your fabulous hen weekend, don't neglect the hen night in Leeds! Grab yourself some nightclub entry and maybe even a VIP booth to spice the celebrations up a bit.

If you are just starting to plan your party and you’re looking for somewhere unique to locate it, then let Leeds into your life. Check out all of the activities available in this small yet perfectly-formed city and book now!

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