Roller Coaster Team Building Activity in Worcester

Rollercoaster Experience
  • Rollercoaster Experience
  • Rollercoaster Team Building

Activity Details

  • Construct & build activity
  • Roller coaster contraption
  • Link sections together
  • Creates large roller coaster

The following features are included in the Roller Coaster team building activity:

If you and your team are looking to do something colla­borative that everybody can work towards, then the roller coaster team building in Worcester is a brilliant idea. Suitable for teams of all ages and abilities, everybody will need to work together and let their creativity loose by building a gigantic chain reaction run using nothing more than paper rods and cable ties. To make things more interesting, it must carry a large ball from the starting towers and along the tracks from beginning to end!

What’s Included

  • Construct and test a roller coaster inspired contraption
  • Host will get everyone involved with energisers and explain the objective
  • Use blueprints to create a chain reaction from paper rods and cable ties
  • The aim is to get a large ball from one section to the other to trigger the next reaction
  • Winning team will receive medals
  • Includes a supportive event manager on the day to ensure a smooth experience
  • Experienced crew on hand to get the competitive juices flowing
  • Encourages commu­nica­tion and colla­bora­tion
  • Comes with music and equipment on the day


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