Remembering Loved Ones with Wedding Memorial Ideas

Remembering Loved Ones with Wedding Memorial Ideas

99.9% of planning is joyous, but the pain of losing a loved one before the big day doesn’t go away completely.

The feelings of absence are always valid and even healthy, and there’s plenty of ways you can turn the sorrow into a memorial for your dearly departed whilst you tie the knot. Some of these wedding memorial ideas are subtle, some are huge odes to remember loved ones at the wedding and some are in between the two extremes.

Subtle & Sweet Wedding Remembrance Ideas

Subtle & Sweet Wedding Remembrance Ideas

If you want to intertwine your memorial in with other elements of the wedding, there’s plenty of ways to do so. Below you’ll find a handful of wedding memorial ideas that won’t completely shift the mood of your wedding. But rather, make it known that your loved ones are there to celebrate in spirit.

A note in the program

If you find it difficult to speak about a lost loved one, a sentimental note in your wedding program is perfect. Everyone will see it, and you’ll also have a keepsake nestled between your ceremony details.

Remembrance flowers in your bouquet

Did your loved one have an absolutely favourite flower? Adding this beautiful reminder of them into your wedding bouquet is a subtle way to incorporate them into your day – holding them close while you marry.

Wedding memorial candle

Wedding Memorial Candle

Lighting a candle is both a classic and religious way to bring honour to your deceased loved one. Keep the wedding memorial candle burning through your ceremony or at the reception in their honour.

A special song

Incorporating a special song into your song list is more personal, and may just be known by you, your significant other and close relatives.

A charitable donation

If your loved one held a certain charity close to their hearts, sending a wedding-attributed donation to said charity is a special way to show honour to them.

Larger Wedding Memorial Ideas

Larger Wedding Memorial Ideas

If you want to make a statement in your honouring of a loved one, these ideas will stand out in your wedding. The below ways to remember loved ones at the wedding are really suited if you’ve lost someone who may have played a big role in your wedding party if they were still with us.

Wedding memorial table

A wedding memorial table is a special place at your reception where people can pay their respects to loved ones that have passed away. Add photos to the wedding memorial table and even create a memory box full of their favourite things to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Remembering loved ones at the wedding poem

Either write your own heart-felt poem or find a beautiful sonnet that really reminds you of your gone loved one. You could implement this into your reception speech or just display the poem around your venue.

Save a seat

Bring honour to your late loved one by reserving a front row seat at your ceremony. Simply laying out their favourite clothing or just a wedding memorial illustration shows that your lost loved one is there to witness the special day.

Family photo wall

If a dedicated wedding memorial is too painful, set up a family photo wall or corner filled with all your relatives past pictures – plus your lost loved one. This is especially effective if there’s a few people you want to honour at once.

Deliver a toast

For the brave, a moment to remember cherished memories during a reception toast will speak volumes and might lift that heavy feeling off your chest.

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