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Relaxing Retreats for Good Team Bonding






If you’re looking to strengthen your employee’s friendships, there’s nothing better than a bit of rest and relaxation for them to enjoy together. Placing people together in a happy and chilled environment is the perfect way to form and solidify friendships. These team building activities will do just that…

Life drawing is a cheeky but sophis­ticated team building activity which everyone is sure to enjoy, no matter what their artistic talent is. The team can help one another make their drawing as good as it possibly can be by swapping tips and constructive criticisms. The class is guided by an experienced tutor who will do the same. You’ll draw a nude male or female model in a variety of poses. You’ll get to take your finished sketch home so make sure you take pride and effort in it!

We have a variety of arts and crafts activities for the whole team to enjoy. They’ll be able to chat and bond with oneRelaxing Retreats for Team Bonding another and showcase their creativity and ingenuity at the same time. They can make anything from perfume to flower crowns.

Nothing is better for socialising than a meal out together. That’s why a pizza making teambuilding activity is so ideal for team bonding. You’ll start off with a nice glass of prosecco and some nibbles before you head over to the pizza making area. You’ll start with a quick demons­tra­tion from a professional chef on how to make a calzone pizza before doing it yourself in the calzone team challenge! Afterwards you’ll get enjoy your tasty creations together, bonding over fantastic food you made yourselves!

You can’t beat a cocktail making class! This one is especially good if you’re having a staff night out and you to start it with a bang! Create your own delicious cocktails however you want them with the reliable guidance of an experienced bartender. After you’re done making, you can start drinking in your own reserved seating in a city centre venue. This is one team bonding activity that is not to be missed and the perfect way to prink with your colleagues.

Each and every one of these activities will make your team more focused and effective through the power of socialising. Your team will become firm friends and become much stronger than before.

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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

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