Relaxing 30th Birthday Ideas

Sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet from all the commotion. No one appreciates a bit of down time more than us, so here’s a few relaxing 30th birthday ideas to help make this year your most chillaxed year ever.

Relaxing 30th Birthday - Home Pampering

There are a lot of great things in life, and at home pampering sessions are definitely one of them. A professional therapist will travel to you and perform the pampering sessions within the comfort of your own home.

It is exactly like a regular spa treatment but at your own humble abode! You can each choose one of our four soothing treatments:

You could get a lovely Swedish back and shoulder massage, complete with therapeutic oil blend. Perfect for relieving any tension and achy muscles as you feel all your troubles and worries melt away. 

Or maybe you’d fancy a feel-good-facial as a relaxing 30th birthday idea. Perfect for any skin type, it cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and beautiful.

With a lovely shoulder massage to top it all off, it would be silly not to give it a go.

Get yourself some nifty nails with a professional manicure! This activity includes nail filing, cuticle tidying, exfoliation, hand massaging and some polish.

So, sit back, relax, and appreciate your healthy new nails.

Last but not least, a pedicure that’ll leave your feet feeling fabulous. Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure that includes a filing, tidy and a polish.

Relaxing 30th Birthday - Spa Pamper Day

If you would rather be surrounded by the luxurious environment of a spa whilst being pampered, then we also offer relaxing Swedish massage treatments or a fabulous facial at a spa.

All the group will have access to the facilities at the spa, so if you fancy a swim or a bubble in the jacuzzi, then our spa pamper day for groups would be perfect for you.

Whichever relaxing 30th birthday ideas you decide to choose from you are bound to be left feeling brand new after the treatments.

Relaxing 30th Birthday - Nude Life Drawing

If a pampering session isn’t tickling your fancy, then art has proven to be a very calming activity, so why not try a nude life drawing class?

Draw both male and female models in a variety of poses and keep your finished sketch after you are finished.

Nude life drawing classes are one of our most popular birthday ideas, it’s a fun, easy going activity that's cheeky yet sophis­ticated.

Like the pampering sessions there's also a mobile option where they come to you, allowing you to conveniently draw in a venue of your choice.

Relaxing 30th Birthday - Crafts

More into crafts than sketching or being pampered? No worries. There are plenty of crafty and relaxing 30th birthday ideas on offer.

You can take part in anything from bunting making to flower crown makingand jewellery making. Concen­trating on your work is a great way to focus and forget your worries, making it a great stress reliever.­ 

Relaxing 30th Birthday - Karaoke

Who doesn’t love karaoke? If you’re looking for something that’s just a little livelier, unleash your best (or worst!) singing voice in the song recording studio.

Some people use this activity to get the party started, but with 8,000 backing tracks to choose from, you’re bound to find something soft and melodic that’s more your speed.

You can sing solo, as a duet or as a group, all in a professional studio environment, with your track available to download and enjoy at any time afterwards. Great for having a chilled out and relaxed laugh with your friends.­ 

So, if you feel like doing a whole lot of nothing this year, these relaxing 30th birthday party ideas are great not-so-active-activities for you to try.

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