Relaxing 30th Birthday Ideas

Relaxing 30th Birthday Ideas

Need a 30th birthday break?

Sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet from all the commotion. No one appreciates a bit of down time more than us, so here’s a few relaxing 30th birthday ideas to help make this year your most chillaxed year ever.

Our Top 6 Chilled Out 30th Birthday Ideas

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

The epitome of relaxation, afternoon tea is an activity that everyone can enjoy. This tasty treat can break up your day with some tiny sandwiches and cakes. If you’re organising a birthday or just a group event, invite all your loved ones of any age.

Nude Life Drawing

This might catch you by surprise, but life drawing is a sit-down event that can be as crude or as professional as you like. If you’re a group of artistic people, nude life drawing is a great way to unwind in a light-hearted environment.

Creative Activities

Creative Activities

There’s a range of different at-home creative activities you can enjoy without any prior experience needed. These experiences include a workshop leader with the skillset needed to teach you the basics and host a crafty space for your group.

Creative activities include:

Finger Food & Fizz

This tasty experience is like afternoon tea with an edge, and a great way to kick off an evening out or celebrating. This meal activity is the perfect cross between classy and sassy, perfect for entering your third decade with a bang.

Hire a Cocktail Bartender

If you’d rather stay home for your celebrations, consider hiring a bartender to make your party special. A bartender will take some of the pressure off your shoulders as well as create delicious, occasional drinks for your soiree.

Mobile Yoga Class

Mobile Yoga Class

A tranquil yoga class is the epitome of relaxation, providing you with the opportunity for inner reflection and alignment. This light-hearted class might be the start of your yogi journey, or just a chance to de-stress as you turn over a turn page into your 30s.

30th Birthday Decorations

Whether you’re organising your own birthday bash or need some inspiration for a pal, these 30th party decorations can suit everyone. We’ve provided a couple ideas such as 30th birthday balloons to cover most budgets and styles so you can decorate the 30th birthday party in style.

30th Birthday Decorations - AKAWEDDINGS

30th Birthday Decorations - CCPartySupplies

30th Birthday Decorations 1529 - JoandLoDesigns

30th Birthday Decorations 1526 - hooraydays

30th Birthday Decorations 1528 - ink22

30th Birthday Decorations 1530 - Notonthehighstreet

30th Birthday Accessories

A birthday is always a good chance to go wild with accessories, and the internet is bursting with creative and fun 30th birthday accessories. Many people say your 30s are the best period of your life, so why not show it with a tasteful 30th birthday sash or badge!

30th Birthday Accessories 1531 - White Rabbits Design

30th Birthday Accessories 1533 - MiowandMolly

30th Birthday Accessories 1535 - Notonthehighstreet

30th Birthday Accessories 1532 - PaperArrowApparel

30th Birthday Accessories 1534 - LittlePinkWishes

30th Birthday Accessories 1536 - hooraydays

Want more ideas?

If none of these 30th birthday party ideas take your fancy, we have plenty more group activities to browse. Or, start with our destination ideas for group activity days and see what’s available in your area!

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