Questions To Ask When Planning A Stag Do

Questions to Ask When Planning a Stag Do

First of all congra­tula­tions, you’ve been chosen to take on the task of a lifetime. The groom has entrusted you with hosting one of the biggest weekends of his life!

You no doubt have tons of questions you want answering, so we asked our best men and their stags what questions to ask when planning a stag do. Let’s kick this off with a few questions that you need to ask yourself and the groom, who, what, where and how.  Check out the best man guide for everything best man!



Organising a stag weekend means that you must know the groom very well, so when planning it, you need to consider who the stag wants to invite. No doubt you will know most of his close friends that he wants there, but it’ll be worth sitting him down – over a pint maybe! - and asking if there’s anyone else that he’d like to come that you don’t know, in-laws’ family, work colleagues, friends from the football or the darts team?

This is then a great time to ask the groom for everyone's email and mobile numbers. This way you can get in touch with people straight away and figure out people’s budgets early on.

Another key factor is to ask him if he wants any family (or soon to be family) there as it will affect the way the stag do runs. You wouldn’t plan a stag do to a strip club with the groom’s father in law. That would just be awkward!



The groom may have already told you what he wants to do on his last blow off before getting hitched. However, if the ball is in your court and you get to choose what you’re all going to do then be adventurous. It is your duty to make sure that everyone measures any other event against this and make it a weekend to remember!

There are hundreds of different stag activities that you could do our top 6 favourite and most popular activities are:

1. Paintballing

2. Go Karting

3. Bubble football

4. Beer Bikes

5. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

6. Beer Babes Bar Crawl



Where does the groom want to go for his stag do? Or if it’s a surprise destination for him then, where would be suitable for everyone? This is a question you need to ask in the early stages when planning a stag do so the guys can plan around it and get themselves organised. If you’re planning to stay in the UK then the earlier you book train tickets or a coach the better. Remember some of the cities with Premiership football teams also get really busy if there’s a home game on at the time, so plan early as prices and availability can become an issue.

Our top cities are: Birmingham, BudapestCardiff, LeedsNewcastle and Dusseldorf

This is where the majority of our stags head to being the big party cities they are.



It’s a stag do, so chances are there’s going to be a few tricks up the best man’s sleeve that he wants to save for the weekend.  That surprise fancy dress outfit or a couple of sneaky dares that he’s got to complete during the weekend coupled with forfeits for not completing them!

But you’ll need to set a couple of things straight before you start planning your tricks! Does he want a stripper? Maybe the future in-laws are there and it might be a little awkward! Does he mind being publicly embarrassed? The days of stripping the stag and chaining them to the nearest public lamp post may be over – nobody wants an impending prosecution hanging over them before they get married – but think ‘what is too far’ for him?

Get these questions out the way early on and you can plan the epic weekender he’s always wanted and everybody goes home happy…but with a blinding hangover!

Now we have established a few basics with the groom, you have full reign on what comes next.



As the organiser of the big weekend, you need to come up with some hilarious Stag Do Rules that everyone has to abide by as if it was the law! Here are a few to get your brain thinking.

1. Stag do rules - #1

Whatever happens on the stag do stays off social media. Only one photo is allowed before you all go out so that you can laugh at what you have dressed the groom in. This weekend is for the stags to enjoy and no one else.

2. Stag do rules - #2

The drinking hand. At the beginning of the Stag Weekend allow the groom to choose which hand everyone needs to drink from, be it left or right. If at any point someone is caught drinking from the other hand they must down their drink and do a stag forfeit.

3. Stag do rules - #3

No phones! They are unsociable and it could lead to a drunken mistake like calling the bride-to-be whilst in a strip club. Not a good idea!

4. Stag do rules - #4

If you are punished with a forfeit, take it like a man! No matter what you’ve done, the stags have decided and it is final!

5. Stag do rules - #5

Fallen soldier. If one of your stags can’t go any further (hasn’t even made it to the club yet) then take him back to the hotel and then return to the party. At least you won’t have to look after him all night then!

Don’t be afraid to make up your own rules and forfeits when you’re planning a stag do. Or if you want to check out some of our awesome Stag Do Pranks check out this blog to get inspired!



Fancy dress is humiliating, embarrassing and ridiculous. Perfect for a stag do! Whether you want to dress the groom as Princess Peach and everyone else as Mario and Luigi. Or maybe you want all the stags dressed as toy soldiers or in a “Carry Me” costume! Fancy dress is hilarious on a stag do!

The power is in your hands! You could make the Groom dress up as a girl or even in a mankini and everyone else wears personalised t-shirts the world is your oyster!

Remember, does he need to know about it beforehand, or is it a surprise?

“I remember turning up to my stag do and thinking it’s all gone too well so far.  After getting out the shower before the night out, I noticed that my suitcase and clothes had been ‘­confiscated’ and replaced with the outfit for the night …an incredibly tight Daffyd [little Britain] number! They well and truly lured me in and when I thought everything was going to be fine… bang! fancy dress! Well played guys! This continued the whole weekend!”  Matthew Wheat, May 2007



Let’s face it, nobody like chasing money for things. Luckily it’s now easier than ever to get the stag do booked.  Gone are the days you need to become the part-time bailiff banging on the best man’s uncles door for that last £10!

When you book through Funktion Events, they give you’re an online portal for easy payment options. You simply pass this link, booking reference and the password to everyone in your group, and they log in and pay their own part.  This can be as much or as little or as much as they, just as long as the balance is paid before the event.

The payment portal tracks who has paid, when and how much! How easy is that?



Here is a simple way of planning a stag do in 6 easy steps:

  • Talk to the Groom
  • Decide who is coming
  • Choose a date
  • Choose a destination
  • Choose which activity you’ll do
  • Get those invites out!



There you go, lads. We know it’s not easy planning a stag do but hopefully, we have been able to answer some of your questions you should ask when planning a stag do.


Now before you go and have a crazy stag weekend, it’s now time to plan those pranks! Read our Stag Do Pranks blog next. Oh! And remember to start writing that best man speech.

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