Adrenaline Birthday Party Activities for your 40th

“Age is just an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”- Mark Twain

You’re never too old to inject some excitement into your life. If you’re after big things to do for your 40th, these40th Birthday Off-Road Buggie thrilling birthday party activities are guaranteed to give you the rush you’re after and pump some adrenaline into your 40th birthday!  

Off-Road Buggy Racing is a fast-paced, thrill ride. After a quick safety briefing you’ll get to race each other in powerful off-road buggies that plough through mud like a knife through butter, all on amazing, mud-soaked tracks. It’s not for everyone, but perfect for thrill seekers and daredevils!   

40th Birthday PaintballingLock and load for a high-octane game of paintball. You’ll have to stay sharp and aim steady if you’re to emerge victorious, because one hit and you’re out! You’ll be given a brief by a professional instructor so you can have fun safely, then you’ll be sent into battle. A classic adrenaline pumping activity that everyone can enjoy.

Quad-Biking is a fun and thrilling activity that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping. You and your mates will navigate treacherous terrain on awesome Quad-Bikes, through beautiful countryside. A great day out guaranteed.

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Archery Battle Zone Tag is a truly unique and exciting activity. You’ll use modern, modified long bows against one40th Birthday Archery Battle Zone Tag another in a tight and frantic battle arena. Each team has 5 small bunkers with 5 target cones placed in front of each one. Each cone holds a ball. Arrows will fly as each team competes for points by hitting other players and the target cones. Like Paintball, it’s a game of elimination, so one hit and you’re out! Unlike paintball however, if you’re quick enough to catch a soaring arrow you can bring a team member back into the game!

There’s a lot of unique exciting activities available in the Lake District which you can’t get anywhere else, including Kayaking, Canoeing and Ghyll Scrambling (as well as Quad-Biking and Paintballing!). So if you live there or live nearby (or you’re willing to travel), the lake district might be the perfect place to pump so adrenaline into your 40th birthday.

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So live life to the full and try something new this year!

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