Presents for the Stag

Stag Do Presents

When it comes to the stag weekend a present for the stag wouldn’t go a miss, but this is where it gets quite tricky, what to get him?

Since it’s the stag weekend the present should be a simple token of your friendship or something to stitch him up. 

After all you only have a stag do once so it would be stupid to miss out on the opportunity.

So we’ve came up with 5 stag do presents that won’t break the bank but will definitely put a smile on his face on his special day.

Bottle Opener

As simple as this one is, it can be a great gift for the groom-to-be.

We’re sure that the majority of the weekend will be spent drinking so this little gem will definitely become useful.

But why not add a personalised touch to it by adding a message onto it or the date of the stag do as part of a memento.

T-Shirts or Sash

This one is never a bad idea, what can go wrong with a set of matching t-shirts?

Nothing screams stag weekend more than a t-shirt with an inappropriate nickname on the back of it are we right?

But in all seriousness this is a great way to gift the stag and the rest of the group along with it being something that they can all keep.

Or if you fancy making the stag stand out of the crowd why not order him a stag sash.

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Personalised Shot/Pint Glass

Keepsakes are always a good idea when you’re giving for an occasion which is why pint and shot glasses are a good idea.

Add a special touch by gifting the stag with a glass dated with the day of the stag and his name.

So then whenever he reaches for a drink or a shot he will always be reminded of the stag celebrations.

Morph Suit

If you’re up for making memories, then this one is a no brainer. Get all the lads in on this one and find the perfect morph suit to surprise the stag with on the big day.

Of course the rule would have to be that he has to wear it for the entire day. Oh and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures you’re going to want to make sure he never forgets this one!

Favourite Drink

You’ll be in the stag’s good books for life with this classic stag do present idea.

If you’re stuck, alcohol is the answer (it’s the answer for most things anyway!)

So why not find the best of the groom-to-be’s favourite drink, whether it’s some good cider, classic beer, or posh gin.

And again with this one why not add a personalised touch, everybody loves their name on things right?

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