How to Start Christmas Party Planning?

The job of planning the annual Christmas party can often seem very daunting, but help is at hand!

With you in charge you want to make sure the Christmas parties are as stress free and successful as possible. There's certain steps you can take to make sure Christmas party planning is fun instead of a nightmare task that you put off until December.

Christmas Party Planning

1. Set a Date

Before doing any sort of planning you need to decide on the actual date of the party. It could be a good idea to put out a survey asking all of the guests what their preferred date would be out of say 3 dates.

Or, you decide on the dates that would work best for the company on a whole send out a bulk email/have a company meeting to dicuss this with everyone and go from there. Just make sure you're as excited as they should be!

Christmas Party Planning Steps

2. The Guestlist

Speaking of the guests, now would be a great time to put together the guest list. By creating this list you will then ensure that you don’t forget about anybody that you are inviting this year. And it is all down on paper for others to check through.

This is one of the key elements to Christmas parties that makes everything unravel. If you don't keep tabs on the guests, there may not be enough festive cheer to go around on the day/evening of your event.

Christmas Party Planning Template

3. Your Budget

From deciding the date and making the guest list it would now be a great time to figure out what the budget will be. As by now you will already have had most of your guest lists answers about whether they will attend or not too.

This way, you can get to the fun part of narrowing down what your Christmas party options are. Our range of corporate activities all suit a festive end of year party, but knowing your budget makes it easier to choose the right one for your circum­stances.

How to Start Christmas Party Planning

4. Christmas Party Theme?

We highly suggest you make a list of pros and cons to a theme before you commit to having one. This can sometimes make a Christmas party more difficult than needed.

However if done well, a Christmas party theme can be the difference between a memorable & motivating event and a flop.

Bear in mind - Christmas is a theme all on it's own!

Extra Xmas Party Ideas

Light hearted awards

Make your guests feel special after a year of hardwork with an award gala full of silly award categories.

Personal Touches

Name cards, goodie bags, shout out's to particularly hard working employees, all this will build a great atmosphere for the event.

Don't be afriad of games

add a fun element to an otherwise formal event with some games like the Games Galore package.

The time of giving

Remember Christmas is the perfect time to give, whether that be time away from the screen or actual gifts for everyone.

Help With Your Christmas Party Planning

5. Venue Finding

This is something you will want to do quite far in advance if you plan on having your party in December. As everyone will be planning a party for this type of time it is important you try and secure your venue asap.

Christmas Party Planning Method

6. Christmas Party Enter­ta­inment

Of course music is a given, but you have to think about whether you want to have any other enter­ta­inment throughout the night. Whether it be a band or some activities for everyone to get involved with.

Christmas Party Planning Tips

7. Food & Drink

If you are having a Christmas party with food you need to decide on what you are going to do. A traditional sit down meal with a seating plan, or an all you can eat buffet with a wide range of food for everyone.

That's our short and sweet list of elements to hit during your Christmas party planning! Of course every party and event differs, but if you need help organising an end of year function with a difference see our corporate events locations and what services we can offer near you.

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