Post-Stag Do Food and What You Need to Know

Post-Stag Do Food and What You Need to Know

If your stag do is fast approaching and you are going to be having a big night out full of alcohol, then you may want to read this.

After almost every night out you have probably ever had in your life we can almost guarantee that some greasy food is needed. For some reason that it unknown to almost everybody, as soon as we start drinking on a night out we crave going into utter dietary carnage and heading straight to the nearest fast food joint, but the real question is, does it help the following morning?

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As hard as this is to hear (for us too), your best bet is to forget about the greasy cheesy chips and pizza you were about to order, they will only make you feel worse in the morning and in the long run, expand your waistline. But fear not, there is some good options available and they come from your local kebab house. Unfor­tunately, it is not a tasty doner kebab, that is a horrifically high amount of salt intake. A chicken kebab however, is the perfect choice, it will give your liver some amino acids to help remove alcohol as well as the salad (if you eat it) being a great vitamin boost! If chicken isn’t your thing, go for a shish kebab, that meat will be far better than whatever is roasting on the skewer.

And if you are fancying a beverage, opt for water, it is plain and perfect for hydrating your body and flushing out the alcohol in your system. Hopefully this post has enlightened you into knowing you can still have something after the stag do that will satisfy your grease needs but still help you in the long run. And the last thing you will want to do is the hair of the dog, it may make you feel good for a short amount of time but for the majority you will be even more dehydrated.

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