Planning the Perfect Team Day Away from Work?

Planning the Perfect Team Day Away from Work

If you are reading this we assume it is your job to plan a team away day for your work, a huge respon­sibility that requires a lot of work but don’t worry we are here to help.

Organising events can be stressful as they are without it being a team event with certain aims and objectives that need to be met as well as making sure the team has fun. But by following this checklist we are pretty sure nothing could go massively wrong and everything should run smoothly and how they should be. So if you are planning the perfect team day away from work make sure you reference back to this checklist to ensure the day goes to plan.


When the event will take place is a very important aspect of the planning due to the fact that you need to make sure everyone can attend. And it is important that the decided day doesn’t interfere with anything on the business calendar that is important. A good way to figure this out would be to pick some dates and put them out to everyone and see what date comes back as the most popular.


Under­standing why your business is planning a team away day is also very important. If you don’t know the purpose of why you are doing a team building event, then it can sometimes affect the way to go about the day. By being left in the dark your team might lose focus so it is important that it is all explained before the day.


What activity you will be doing is also a very important part to the planning. Once you have figured out what the reason is behind the day then you can set yourself on what activity will help. For example, going down to the pub won’t really help the team communicate as in such, whereas an organised problem solving event would.

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It is important to make sure that everybody who needs to go to the event goes, otherwise your leadership skills could be compromised. A day away from work should be treated just as importantly as any ordinary day in work as it is a day that should help improve work life. It is also sometimes a good idea to get an events coordinator to sort the event so that you can also join in.


Choosing where to go for your team day away can sometimes be quite difficult, the location needs to be memorable and somewhere different to inspire everyone to really get involved and make the most out of the experience. And from this they will keep a positive attitude for future team away days like this and they will always remember the connections and skills they created.


How long the event will be is sometimes a long process to decide, to help overcome this question it is important to have a discussion with your team and pick some dates together as well as discussing how long they all thing the event should go on for. From this you will have a better under­standing of how everyone feels about the upcoming event to help you make the decisions.

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