The Perks of Party Planning

Parties, whatever they’re intended to celebrate, are like a journey… getting there is half the fun! The planning stages are always filled with excitement as you move ever closer to the big day, with everything gradually slotting into place just as you planned it. And, if you plan it with our expert help, you can be sure that everything will happen smoothly and succes­sfully…

Party Planning? Get the Perks!If you’re in the planner’s seat, it’s easy to get stressed about the whole thing and some party planners worry so much that they don't even get to properly enjoy the evening they have spent so long stressing about! With Funktion events on and by your side, you’ll definitely enjoy the party without stress and what’s more, you’ll find yourself in that happy place of enjoying the planning too. Double the fun, double the perks.

For a start, you’ll get the first look around our website, absorbing our array of activities: some daring, some dizzying and some downright delicious. If you’re responsible for choosing the activities then you will be absolutely sure of getting something that you like to do! If it’s a joint decision between all of you, then you’ll have all the insider information and people will be looking to you for guidance – either way, you’ll be an indis­pen­sable part of the whole affair.

Party planners also get the keys to the kingdom, or at least to our specially-created VIP Area. This will be your party-planning hub and will make you look dead organised, even though it does all the work for you. You can access it from all your devices so you can keep on the move as you seamlessly manage payments, itinerary, contact details, invites and more.

Party Planning? Get the Perks!When it comes to the actual day of the party, you literally will not believe how unstressed you are. Everything will happen just as planned and your activity, delivered by trusted partners who we have worked with for more than seven years, will be the jewel in the crown. We have organised parties for more than 80,000 people in our time and so we really know what we’re talking about.

After the party is over, you’ll still be the talk of the town, with everyone compli­menting you on how well everything went. We’re more than happy to let you take all the credit, though this may lead to you becoming the designated party-planner of your group of friends for the future; don't let that stress come back though, instead just come back to Funktion for the next party too!

Start Party Planning NOW, while you’re feeling efficient.

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