Outdoor Wedding Vs Indoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Vs Indoor Wedding

Your wedding venue can be the thing that makes or breaks your special day so it is important to make sure you have picked the right one.

It is probably the first thing you decide when you start wedding planning but it is probably also the hardest decision. And of course the variety of venues are endless, especially when you are considering both indoor and outdoor weddings. But we at Funktion Events are here to give you that helping hand in making your decision by giving you some advantages and disad­van­tages.


Advantages of Outdoor Weddings

  • You can go almost anywhere
  • Amazing natural beauty
  • Will never feel over crowded
  • Perfect background for photos
  • You can be as creative as you like with less restrictions
  • Usually less expensive


Disad­van­tages of Outdoor Weddings

  • Anyone can technically attend the wedding
  • The weather can be unpre­dic­table
  • Can be hard to fill the outdoor space with sound
  • Lighting outside can be unpre­dic­table, sun behind clouds etc.
  • Harder to book amenities like tables, chairs and potentially electricity

Advantages of Indoor Weddings

  • Weather is never an issue
  • Usually plenty of areas for photos
  • Great design oppor­tuni­ties
  • A lot more intimate
  • All tables, chairs and basic amenities are usually there already

Disad­van­tages of Indoor Wedding

  • Sometimes restrictive with space
  • Costs for décor and venue
  • Venues may be fussy on your design ideas
  • Sometimes harder to use natural lighting when taking photos indoors
  • Can be higher in demand to book


We hope these advantages and disad­van­tages have helped you and your other half come to your final decision but remember. No matter what type of wedding you decide on we are sure that it will be truly magical and a day that you and your family and friends will be remembering for years to come.

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