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Outdoor Team Building Inspiration

Get organised this season and start planning your outdoor team building event for this Spring/­Summer.

With all of the team building activities around these days it can be quite difficult narrowing the perfect activity down for you and your team.

Start Planning Your Outdoor Team Building Day

We thought we would be the middle man in this situation and put together some of the outdoor team building activities that we think will be extremely popular this year.

Along with some popular team building locations that may be perfect for your team building experience.

Wacky Wheels

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration  - Wacky Wheels

Give your team an activity that will bring out their creative side. The wacky wheels team building activity is a perfect experience for all.

Give them the opportunity to battle it out in teams to create a ‘wacky wheels’ car – once each team has created their cars they will have to go through an MOT.

Once its passed that they will then go head to head in a series of wacky races! An extremely fun experience that is perfect for the spring/summer months.

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration  - Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

A team building classic and one that will be guaranteed to bring out your team’s competitive side is our smartphone city treasure hunt team building activity.

A fully organised event that is budget friendly, simple and effective for team development – split your team up into as many smaller teams as you please and off you go!

The best thing about our treasure hunts is that you can start them whenever you like! Explore the city as you answer quizzes, questions, take team selfies and much more.

Spotlight City: Manchester

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration  - Spotlight City Manchester

Manchester is amongst the larger cities in the UK. And a hub for team building activities, with an endless amount of choice you will easily find the perfect way to motivate or reward your group!

Team building in Manchester is known for ‘breaking the rules’ by giving you days and experiences that all your team can get involved in and will want to be a part of.

Crystal Collection

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration - Crystal Collection

The crystal collection team building event is perfect for full day experiences or half days! Which means it can be suited for all.

Overall the aim of this activity is to encourage teamwork and cooperation within the group. The groups will compete with challenges and games to earn rewards.

These games and challenges will test all different skills so your teams will have to battle it out to end up on top!

Spotlight City: Leeds

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration  - Spotlight City Leeds

Although Leeds is known for being a party capital – team building in Leeds is equally as popular and well known!

Since it’s a city of Yorkshire, Leeds outdoor team building activities are incredible and perfect for activities such as Battle of Olympus.

Battle of Olympus

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration  - Battle of Olympus

The battle of Olympus team building experience overall is an experience that is inspired by the Olympic games!

The aim of this activity is to test your team’s strength, speed, agility and team working skills in a variety of different games.

Usually a half day experience, these challenges and games will push your teams to try and claim victory – there are prizes for the winning team!

High Ropes Course

Outdoor Team Building Inspiration - High Ropes

If you are after an adrenaline fuelled team building experience, then the high ropes course team building experience will be ideal for you and your team!

Perfect for getting your team to trust and support each other, they will have to tackle and conquer all different obstacles and challenges together.

This tree top fun is great for team bonding and overall just having a laugh together! And if you are new to the high ropes then don’t worry there’s a practice session before you begin!

If you’re still after some more inspiration, then check out the rest of our outdoor team building activities!

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