Outdoor and Active Teambuilding Activities

Over the years, we’ve learned how important it is for offices and colleagues to bond and build relati­on­ships in order to work better as a team, and this is why we offer such a wide variety of outdoor and active team building activities to cater for any kind of teambuilding event.

Here we’re focusing on the more outdoorsy, active team building ideas that are perfect for groups and really get employees involved and working together, which is exactly what you want.

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Old School Sports Day Teambuilding

When trying to bring a team closer, it’s useful to find something everyone has in common, so what better than an Old School Sports Day team building activity to get everyone thinking about their school days, with a bit of healthy competition.

This activity includes all of the funny classics everyone knows, from the egg and spoon race to space hoppers, giving the chance for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun while creating new relati­on­ships. The event is an hour of fun with all the equipment, the venue and an instructor to help you and your team get adrenaline pumping and show your competitive side.

The Old School Sports Day team building event also offers the group a goal, with prizes for the winning coloured house as well as forfeits for the not so lucky house, meaning even more reason for everyone to get stuck in and work together, making for a great team building activity!

Zorb Bubble Games Team Event

Outdoor and Active Teambuilding Activities An activity for a team wanting something a bit more comical, zorb bubble team event is a great chance for your company to have a lot of fun with a completely unique experience that everyone can get involved in and have a good time. An activity like this is a great choice as it offers your business the chance to try something new and share it with their teammates, leading to teamwork and bonding among colleagues.

Although zorb bubble games is a fairly new activity for team­bu­ilding, it has definitely quickly rose in popularity and it’s clear to see why. Not only is it a fun, new experience, but everything from the equipment to the venue and even the instructor are provided for, making the whole activity safe and meaning the only thing you and your team have to worry about is having fun and building new relati­on­ships.

Turbo Cricket Team Event

Outdoor and Active Teambuilding Activities If you’re looking for a classic with a twist to help your business grow and build relati­on­ships, look no further as Turbo Ten10 Cricket is the perfect option for an outdoorsy twist on a well-known game. The basic rules are the same and just as fun, however in this fast paced version the batsman gets unlimited turns, all of the players have to bowl AND there are 3 overs per innings called TURBO OVERS, where all of the runs are worth double.

Everything is included and with the Turbo Cricket team building session being 1 hour, it’s just the right amount of time to have some fun, get to know each other and still have time to go into the city after the activity is over to carry on your day, as all of our venues are based in your chosen city centre.

Dodgeball Teambuilding

Outdoor and Active Teambuilding Activities If you’re wanting something a bit outdoorsy as a change of atmosphere for your company but don’t want it to be too fitness or skill orientated, then a dodgeball team building activity could be perfect for you and your employees. This activity is a lot more focused around laughing and joking with your team with the goal of trying to get other the opposite teams players out and win.

The hour long session consists of some classic games of dodgeball after a briefing about rules and safety from an experienced instructor, as well as a variety of mini games that are new and fun for everyone involved. A dodgeball teambuilding activity also gives the group a lot of freedom to make the event special and unique, as there is the opportunity to dress up and make the experience themed and even more fun!

If any of these outdoor and active team building activities are what you're looking for, call us and let our events planners help you organise a fantastic teambuilding activity for your company.

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