Why do Opposites Attract

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Opposites Attract... and here's why

Everything has its opposite. In fact, everything NEEDS its opposite in order to exist.

What would sleep be without wakefulness, what would sweet be without sour, what would victory be without defeat? Each gives power to the other. And why are we in such a philosophical mood? Read on…

During our recent party planning, we’ve been noticing a trend towards the indulgent. People are opting for party weekends instead of just one nighters and choosing to book two or more activities to enjoy. This has been especially true for stag parties, a group well known for their indulgent tendencies!

Perhaps surprisingly, these stags have also been displaying a zen-like sense of balance in their activity choices. For every action-packed, physical activity chosen, a harmonising chilled activity has been chosen too, creating perfect little weekend adventures. So it’s not just us that have been in the philosophical mood, it seems.

One of our most active packages is the Sports MegaMix; it’s also one of our most popular as it offers such a varied experience. You and your group get to pick three of the following sports:

You get an instructor to organise the games and all the equipment you need is provided on site. Order this activity now and save 20%!

At the other end of the scale is our Personal Chef Service. Relax completely as our professional chef creates a gourmet dining experience just for you and your group. Only the freshest ingredients are used and each dish is guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds.

Dive into our massively varied collection of activities and don’t forget that a package deal offers even more value. Enjoy life at both ends of the scale with Funktion Events.

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