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Online Games for Virtual Teams

2020 has become the year of online team building games. They are fun, unique, and easy to slot into any working environment.

Company traditions when it comes to team events and celebrations have had to change dramatically and pretty quickly due to recent times. But companies have had to adapt with remote working and moving the business and its workers completely online in most cases. Which is why virtual team activities are such a good idea! We can also provide you with social distancing events for a face-to-face activity that is safe for everyone.

What are Online Games for Remote Teams?

Exactly what it says on the tin, online games for remote teams are activities that everyone in your team can get involved in no matter where they are. Which is perfect if you have adapted your company to remote working. All you need is a computer and you can get stuck into online games for remote teams quickly and easily!

What are the Benefits of Online Team Building Games for Remote Employees?

There are so many amazing benefits to online team building games for remote employees and that is the reason that they have become so popular. The biggest benefit to these online team building games are that everyone can get involved wherever they are. Whether your team are working from home or you have offices that are based in different countries. It’s also an extremely successful way to promote motivation and productivity throughout the team. As well as helping improve your team’s mental health during their working from home period.

Top 10 Online Team Building Games

Virtual Escape Rooms

1. Virtual Escape Rooms

If you are looking for an experience that will test everyone’s knowledge as well as making them work together as a team this will be perfect. There are different cryptic messages and problems that you will have to work through and solve in the time given to you to escape. Of course the room you will be escaping from is in the online world but it is just as brain testing and realistic. The event can last for around 90 minutes total and can accommodate groups of up to 250 people per session. You will be split up into smaller teams of 4-6 people for the escape room.

Virtual Cocktail Making

2. Virtual Cocktail Making

Who doesn’t love a good drink? Make your own happy hour with the team and treat them to a unique and delicious mixologist class. Using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other platform you will be with everyone else in your team and your own professional mixologist. They will show you all exactly how to make a selection of different cocktails as well as playing some games along the way. All the ingredients you need will be delivered to your door; all you need to do is get your own ice and shake away!

Virtual Murder Mystery

3. Virtual Murder Mystery

Get your team together and jump straight into a crime scene. You will have an online host who will give you all the background information that you need about the murder that has happened in the manor house. You will then be split up into smaller teams and within the hour you will need to investigate, read suspect profiles, find evidence around the manor house to piece together the crime and find out who the killer is! It’s the perfect experience if you want to put your team in a slightly more unusual setting.

Virtual Chocolate Making

4. Virtual Chocolate Making

Chocolate is a crowd pleaser and it's even more rewarding eating it when you’ve made it yourself! Jump onto this interactive class and meet your chocolatier who will teach you everything you need to know about making your own ganache, how to pipe and even how to decorate your own truffles using different techniques. All of the ingredients will be delivered to your door so you will have everything you need to make three different isolation themed truffles. It’s a great interactive experience and you will finish the class with around 20 delicious truffles each.

Virtual Around the World

5. Virtual Around the World

Put yourselves to the ultimate world test as you journey 40,000 miles around the globe whilst staying in the comfort of your own home or office. As you make your way around the world you will have to find clues and answer questions that will earn you travel credit if done correctly. This will all be completed in smaller teams so you will have to work together to complete all the tasks. You will have an event host who will give you a quick briefing before the event starts and the game uses software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The Team Quiz

6. The Team Quiz

If you are looking for a feel good online team building game that would be the perfect treat for a Friday afternoon then look no further! Using software like Zoom and other platforms you will split up into smaller teams and work through a variety of different challenges. A lot of them will be question based so they will promote problem solving and discussions. There will also be photo challenges and quick fire trivia rounds too. At the end of the quiz the team with the most points will be crowned the winners!

Virtual Away Day

7. Virtual Away Day

If you want to improve your team’s commu­nica­tion, team work and perhaps treat them with an experience that will inject some friendly competition into their day this will be perfect. Split up into smaller groups and complete challenges and answer questions. Each player in your team has to give the same answers to earn points! Which means commu­nica­tion really is key when it comes to being successful in this fun event! There will also be a live scoreboard so you can keep track of your competition the whole way through the day.

The Daily Kick Off

8. The Daily Kick Off

It can be hard getting your team motivated especially during uncertain times like what we are going through this year! So start the day off right with something motivating and morale boosting! This experience includes various daily tasks that can go for up to a month! You can choose what time each day you want to do these challenges and it all is on one easy to use app. It’s the perfect way to keep team spirit at a high and the perfect little energiser to start the day.

Virtually Killed

9. Virtually Killed

The aim of the game is to investigate a murder. Designed by a former senior Scotland Yard detective and is based on a real murder case. You and your team will be facing the challenges that detectives and crime scene inves­tigators all go through during this event. You will work in smaller groups and look for clues and evidence that will help you with the murder inves­tiga­tion. There will be a briefing from your virtual host who will give you a run down on everything that is involved.

Are Free Online Team Building Games Worth It? 

If you are on a budget or just want something small to give your team as a motivational activity free online team building games probably are worth it! You could put together a quick 10 minute team quiz to do over Zoom or Microsoft Teams or any other platform like that. Or you could even create a happy hour on a Friday afternoon where everyone comes together for a drink before the weekend hits. Sometimes this can be a lot more stressful to organise as you have to do it all yourself. With organised online team building games you will have an event planner and host for your experience.

When Should You Use Online Games for Virtual Teams?

Online games for virtual teams can be used whenever you want and whenever it fits into your week. The most popular ways they are used are either on a Friday as an end of week treat or at the beginning of the week to motivate your team with their work plans for the next 5 days! No matter when you decide to use online games for your virtual teams they will always be successful and well received by everyone.

Who Can Play Online Team Games for Work?

Anyone in your team! The best thing about online team games for work is that everyone and anyone in the business can get involved in them. No matter who they are in the team, online team games for work will definitely benefit everyone in different ways and improve how they work within the team!

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