Once in a Lifetime Hen Party Locations


Once in a Lifetime Hen Party LocationsIt’s a great big world out there, with tons of amazing hen party locations to choose from. With so many great cities on offer it can be hard to make a decision, but these are our personal picks for a once in a lifetime hen party.

London hen party

On a list of top UK hen party desti­nations, how could we not include London? London is home to iconic tourist traps and a thriving night life. Most of our Hen Party Ideas and activities take part in the West End, where London got its title as the fashion capital of Europe, meaning you can expect a seriously stylish hen party if you decide to visit London town.

Liverpool hen party

London may be the fashion capital but the title of culture capital belongs firmly to Liverpool, with museums, galleries and festivals galore. But Liverpool has a lot to offer on all fronts, not just culture. You can find a range of high class bars and restaurants along the albert dock, all with stunning view of the Mersey. While you’re there, you’d be a fool to miss out on a visit to the Cavern Club, where the legendary Beatles played some of their first ever shows.

Manchester hen party

Manchester is a metropolitan nirvana, overwhelmed with trendy bars, buzzing clubs and that distinct northern charm you can’t help but love. A friendly, down to earth city with an unrivalled music scene, Manchester is the perfect recipe for a good time and an all-round fantastic hen party location.

Newcastle hen party

Tell you what, those Geordies, they know how to party, and there’s no better proof than Newcastle. The nightlife is immense, the people are funny and charismatic and the architecture is stunning. When it comes to hen party locations, ye canna go gan wrong wi a nee oot in The Toon.

Bristol hen party

Bristol is gorgeous during the day. Besides the amazing archi­tec­ture, some of Banksy’s awesome art work is dotted around the city. Just walking around the place like a free gallery tour! After the sun goes down, Bristol comes to life, with a vibrant bar and nightclub scene that guarantees a wicked hen party weekend. Famous for its DJ scene, Bristol is a city that loves to party.

Dublin hen weekend

You won't struggle to find an abundance of hen party ideas in Dublin if you're visiting, and we highly suggest you give it a chance! The beautiful city boasts a variety of hen activities in Dublin, specifically the popular dance class parties and our very own old school sports day.

Leeds hen party

Another city with that warm northern soul, Leeds is a fast-paced city with an electric nightlife. You’ll barely have time to catch your breath in this whirlwind of a city with partying in its blood. If you think you can keep up, Leeds is one hell of a hen party hub.

Birmingham hen party

The second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has more pubs, clubs and activities than you could ever ask for. Unpre­ten­tious and straigh­tforward, Birmingham wants nothing more than to show you a good time, and that’s exactly what it’ll do. A rising star that’s ready to contend with the big players in the hen party locations game.

All these once in a lifetime hen party locations have something unique and exciting to offer, but whichever you choose you’re guaranteed a hen party you’ll be talking about for years to come. So get booking, and call us on 0161 341 0052 for any information or help you might need.

Aside from the classic hen party locations across the UK, we can also offer an array of options for a hen party in Milton Keynes and beyond!

Happy Henning you lot!

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