Old School Sports Day Team Building

Hen Party Old School Sports Day
  • Hen Party Old School Sports Day
  • Old School Sports Day Experience
  • Old School Sports Day Team Day
  • Old School Sports Day Team Event
  • Old School Sports Day Team Experience
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Activity Details

  • Classic school sports games
  • Small or large groups
  • Sack race, egg & spoon
  • House team colours

What Happens During Old School Sports Day Team Building?

Turn back the clocks with the nostalgic old school sports day team building experience. Perfect for group motivation, this popular event is sure to create some high spirits amongst your workforce while doing something fun and informal with your colleagues. Our old school sports day team building event takes all the best races from your primary school days to create an energetic and silly away day that everyone can get involved in. A hit with every sort of workforce, this can be used to motivate your co-workers with some light-hearted fun.

What’s Included

  • Classic school sports day games
  • Event Coordinator to run the event on the day
  • Venue hire included
  • Play a variety of sports day games
  • All sports day equipment included
  • Games could include space hoppers, the egg and spoon race, sack race etc.
  • Prize for the winning group
  • Work as a team in a competitive event
  • Perfect for both small & large groups

What Games Could I Play in Old School Sports Day?

Some of the activities that might be included in your old school sports day are:
Egg and Spoon Race, Beanbag on Head Race, Wheelbarrow Race, Space Hopper Race, Sack Race, Hula Hoop Race, 3 Legged Race, Disc Hopper, Skipping Race & Relay Race.

Who Can Take Part in the Old School Sports Day?

Anyone can take part in this fun activity! Old school sports day has been designed to revolve around inclusivity and fun, which means even if your co-workers aren’t the sportiest of people, they can still get involved and have a good time.

How is Old School Sports Day Beneficial?

Co-workers will need to use key skills such as commu­nica­tion, teamwork & strategic planning in order to be victorious in this activity as they go head to head against one another. The fun and light-hearted compe­titi­veness of the session bonds colleagues together in a unique way out of the office.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Matthew Hammond
4th October 2021
The team and I really enjoyed the event, thank you so much for organising.

The person leading event, Leah, I think her name was, she was amazing and a credit to you.
Rating 5.0
Yvonne Osborne
17th September 2021
The event was very enjoyable, everyone had a good laugh and it made a real change
Rating 5.0
Brendan Creaby
25th August 2021
It was fantastic, thank you. The team really enjoyed it and it was really varied too, we had great feedback. Great to receive the photos after too.
Rating 5.0
Hannah Nichols
20th August 2021
Everything was great, thank you!
Rating 5.0
Chloe Edwards
26th September 2019
Everything went smoothly and the whole team said how much they enjoyed the event. Major props to the 2 guys running it on the day - they were both super. We'd definitely be interested in using your service again in the future.
Rating 5.0
Matthew Leggett
26th July 2018
The event was great and really well run by both Dan and Ellis. Thank you for all of your help with organising the day.
Rating 5.0
Khadi Graham-Minott
30th November 2017
A big thank you to Tom and his team! The event went down really well and everyone got involved. The staff at Funktion Events were happy to answer all our questions and fulfil our requests. I would definitely recommend the Old School Sports Day!
Rating 5.0
Leigh Godard
10th August 2017
It was a great day thanks, compe­titi­veness was at its peak as you can imagine! Will keep you in mind for future events I have in 2018!