Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas

As maid of honour you probably want to arrange something different for your best friend getting married. Good news, from the hundreds of hen party ideas available we have narrowed this down to a recommended few. Browse through our list of 5 non traditional ideas for a hen party including unique activities, upcoming destinations to visit and alternative new hen games to play on the night. So stop searching and organise the best hen party ever!  If your under 7 people then maybe these 15 hen party ideas for small groups would be useful.

5 Non Traditional Ideas for Hen Do's

1. Alternative Hen Do Activities

2. Unusual Hen Party Themes

3. Different Hen Weekend Destinations UK

4. Hilarious Hens Night Games

5. Upcoming Hen Destinations Abroad

1. Alternative Hen Do Activities

When it comes to putting together your hen do ideas, one of the most important aspects is of course the activities. Below are some of the most popular, non-traditional activities.

Goofy Games

Enjoy a totally unique experience that is bound to get your group laughing is our goofy games hen party! A crazy activity that has a huge variety of different themed mini games that are guaranteed to make you feel a little bit goofy.

Full of different inflatable games, challenges and obstacles that will for sure bring the weird and the whacky out from within you!

Did you know? We do different themed games depending on your city of choice like Geordie games hen party in Newcastle.

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

Forget about all the generic activities and plan your hen do ideas around skill and logic with our escape rooms hen party. With a variety of different themed rooms available you will be able to tackle a variety of different rooms depending on the size of your group!

If you’re after filling your weekend with all different hen weekend ideas, then the escape rooms will be perfect as you only have an hour to try and escape your locked room.

Did you know? We offer this activity in 40+ locations in the UK and abroad!

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - GlowSports


Add some light hearted fitness into your hen weekend ideas with the help of our GlowSports hen party! It’s an experience like no other as you take part a game of dodgeball, netball and volleyball with all the same rules apart from one big difference…

You’ll be in a blacked out indoor venue with only UV lighting and florescence markings to guide your way around!

Did you know? You can bring your own neon items on the day whether that’s face paints, bright clothing, you name it!

2. Unusual Hen Party Themes

Hen party themes are quick and easy ways to completely transform your hen weekend without breaking the bank. Harry Potter hen parties are increasing, here's some non-traditional ideas.

Dress as the Other Half

This theme is exactly what is says, give the bride-to-be an experience that she won’t ever forget by making the whole hen group dress up as her fiancé. Whether they’ve got a particular style or item of clothing they always wear. This is a hilarious, extremely creative and unique theme that is perfect for your non-traditional hen party ideas!

Neon Hen Theme

You only usually get one chance to do your hen party so why not stand out from the crowd with a neon themed celebration. Get all the girls to either wear one neon item of clothing or accessory or let them go all out, go big or go home right?

Social Memes

Unless you live under a rock it’s almost impossible these days to go on social media and not come across at least one social meme. And everybody has a favourite or one that they always see, so why not incorporate this into your celebration by either dressing up as the meme or adding it in another way.

If none of these themes take your fancy, then check out the rest of them that would be great for your hen do ideas. In fact, we’ve got 80+ hen party themes for you to look through! Full of a variety of different themes from traditional to seasonal, film and TV to funny and everything in between.

3. Different Hen Weekend UK Destinations

Most hen weekends happen in the UK, but if you’re after making it a weekend like no other why not try out one of the destinations that aren’t that popular but still great for your non-traditional hen party ideas! Check out our low key hen party ideas here.

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Bristol


If you want to make sure you have a memorable celebration without heading to one of the classic destinations like Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester then a hen party in Bristol could be a good option for you.

And if you’re worried about whether or not the nightlife will be as good as some of the more popular hen cities you don’t need to be as Bristol has one of the best club and art scenes in the UK which means it will probably out do any memories you have partying anywhere else!

Top Activity Pick: Life Drawing in Bristol

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Chester


This quaint little city is a hidden treasure that we don’t think enough people know about. A hen party in Chester has an offering of 120+ hen party activities inside its Roman city centre and the surrounding areas.

Known for being an extremely historic city, Chester can provide you with an incredible weekend full of amazing places to eat, shop, relax, you could even learn abit about its impressive history.

Top Activity Pick: Smartphone Hen Treasure Hunt in Chester

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Southampton


Surprising to most, a hen party in Southampton can give you with a weekend full of flare and fun. Whether it’s because of the huge selection of things to do or the extra­or­dinary way this city comes alive after dark.

Known as Britain’s favourite port, Southampton is the ultimate place to celebrate and should be at the top of your hen do ideas when it comes to the location.

Top Activity Pick: Bubble Mayhen

4. Hilarious Hens Night Games

Make sure the hen weekend is equally as unusual as it is special with the help of some of our hen party games that are perfect for any kind of group!  The latest trending hen game is the Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions game.

Naughty Bingo

A simple but daring game that can only completed by the brave and the extremely drunk, in short terms some serious courage is required to conquer the naughty bingo! This game includes 25 different challenges for example, kiss a bartender, photobomb 3 photos and dance on a table!

Loo Roll Bride's Dress

See what the bride-to-be would really look like in a white gown before the big day with the help of our loo roll bride’s dress. Similar to your typical Egyptian mummy Halloween costume but beautiful of course, be as creative and artsy fartsy as you like.

Don't Say a Word

A game that requires a good memory so that you don’t end up getting too many consequences is our don’t say a word game. Write down a list of words that are more than likely to be said during the hen weekend and anyone that says one of them words have to do a forfeit or consequence.

Don’t worry if these games don’t seem fit to your group, there are more where they came from! Just make sure you get your party off to a success with at least one of our hen party games – they’re suitable for all kinds of groups.

5. Upcoming Hen Destinations Abroad

Heading abroad for your hen party sometimes doesn’t come to mind, and if all the hen parties you’ve been to have stuck to a UK destination then this might be an easy non-traditional idea to do. Check out some of our ladies get together ideas for you and the girls.

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Lisbon


With 30+ different hen party activities to choose from, deciding on a hen party in Lisbon has never been easier! Known for being the party capital of Portugal, Lisbon can provide you will some stunning sandy beaches and equally some incredible Portuguese culture.

As the sun sets this city comes alive, most bars and clubs are open till the early hours, it won’t be hard to find the perfect nightspot for you and the girls to spend your night!

Top Activity Pick: Tapas Tour

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Warsaw


The perfect way to experience something totally new and unique is with a Warsaw hen party! A stunning city. With the cost of a cocktail being 25 zloty (around £5!) we don’t know what other reasons you need to head over to this Polish paradise for your hen weekend.

Although Warsaw’s nightlife is something you don’t hear much about you’ll be impressed as soon as you start planning your hen night out – there is something for everybody in this city.

Top Activity Pick: Essential Shooting

Non-Traditional Hen Party Ideas - Hamburg


Although it may be popular for stags, a Hamburg hen do can provide you and your group with an experience like no other due to the fact that it’s a city that has it all. Incredible nightlife, amazing food, even vodka mixers that cost less than €5!

Over half of the city is made up of different parks and water which makes it easy to find yourself somewhere to sit, relax and enjoy the atmosphere that Hamburg has to offer. Or check out some of the best Hamburg attractions during your hen weekend.

Top Activity Pick: Ladies Night

Still searching for something different?

Just look through the other fantastic hen do ideas that have been tried and tested by thousands of past groups.  There are 1000+ hen do activities available in 65+ hen desti­nations. However our party planners are available on the phone if would like to discuss in more detail.

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