A Stag Night on the Toon!

Newcastle Stag Do: A Night on the Toon!Newcastle is the city that just keep on giving. It brought us Greggs, Cheryl Cole and the windscreen wiper. A city that’s famous (some may say notorious) for its stag do’s, there’s nothing like a night out on the toon to end your bachelorhood with a bang - making it an absolute no brainer for a stag party in Newcastle to remember. Newcastle’s football crazy and loves its drink. It’s basically the most laddish location in the whole UK. So to put it simply, if the question is, “is Newcastle a good stag do city” then we can safely assure you the answer is a resounding “whey aye man!”

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pint or a late night party, the Gate entertainment complex is a cracking spot. As well as a range of quality clubs, pubs, bars and café’s it’s even got its own 24-hour casino if you’re feeling lucky! Some top choices include the Bannatyne & Opera bars, as well as the ever-popular Tiger Tiger nightclub.

See everything Newcastle has to offer!

You can’t pull an all-nighter on your Newcastle stag do without a trip to the diamond strip. There’s an insane amount of bars for you to spend your evening in, playing house and chart hits with a bit of mainstream Rnb and hip hop thrown in for good measure. Although the area attracts a lot of students the age range is varied enough so you won’t feel out of place. The bars are trendy, the drinks a quality and the atmosphere is buzzing. Everything you need for a great night out. Top spots include the highly popular Vodka Bar Revolution and Madam Koo, a sexy and suave bar with leather seats and dim red lighting.

When it comes to legendary stag do locations ya canny beat a night on the toon. Make the most of your last night of freedom in a city with a thriving nightlife scene and a dinstinctive northern soul you can’t help but fall in love with.  For an unforgettable weekend away with the lads you can trust the geordies to deliver pet. 

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