Team Building in the New Year

Happy New Year from everyone at Funktion Events!

A new year often means a new job and this means many of you will be organising team-building activities, something that will already be a pressing issue and a big red dot on your calendar. Why not replace that red dot with a big green tick and hand over all the organising duties to us? We have got a massive selection of team building activities to choose from, all neatly organised into themed sections for your convenience. Including some amazing virtual team building ideas and virtual office Christmas parties. All you need to do is choose, though we will admit that choosing is probably the hardest part of the process…

Team building activities work: it’s been proven time and time again. Breaking down barriers, facilitating bonding and generally allowing people to get to know each other in an informal yet structured way, such activities have been shown to improve team cohesion and cooperation. These positive effects last long after the activity is over, bringing improved productivity to the workplace.

All of the activities offered by Funktion Events have been chosen for their high quality so it is difficult for us to pick out the very best. Instead, we are going to take a reckless blindfold lucky click among the selection and see what we get. Trust in the random….

Crystal Maze Team Challenge

TOOOO THE CRYSTAAAAL DOOOOOOME! Anyone above a certain age will recognise this immortal phrase and, as its influence was so far reaching and it is still repeated to this day, the tv show The Crystal Maze has a place in the hearts of many younger people too. Now come on, admit it; you always wanted to go through the crystal maze, right? Of course you did. We all did. And now you can.

Yes, you really can! Four faithfully recreated zones and the Dome itself can be explored by teams of up to 20 people and you even get your very own Richard O’Brien. This really is a dream come true for many people and you too can live the dream with Funk:tion Events.

This is just one of the many team building activities we have available. If you want to see more (though we can’t think why you would after hearing about the Crystal Maze!)

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