The Smartphone XMAS Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity is Here!

The Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity is Here! (Banner)

This year we have a new addition to our huge list of team building activities just in time for the festive season and trust us, it’s a good one.

Christmas is the time of year that is made for giving, so why not give back to all of your employees after a great year of working together with the smartphone Christmas treasure hunt team buildingexperience. As many people know, our smartphone treasure hunts are extremely popular all year round so it just makes sense to have another created that is perfectly suited to the end of the year. It is a simple but extremely effective activity that will meet your team building goals and also double as a great surprise or treat for your team.

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Right about now we are sure you are organising and planning your end of year Christmas party. And what could be better than incorporating this treasure hunt into the day or evening to keep with the festivities. And with this activity being available in over 50 cities you are sure to find one local to your area making it easy to get yourselves around. The aim of the game is pretty simple, you and your employees will be split into teams of your choice, you all choose a team name and take a team photo and then it’s go time.

With the latest app technology each team will make their way around your chosen city heading to various hotspots that can be seen on a virtual map. Each hotspot will be unlocked when you are in the given range and you will be presented with various challenges, questions and clues to complete. All varying from general knowledge, pub trivia, music, sport, history, science, nature, video challenges and Christmas of course! So we are sure between your team you will be able to give this treasure hunt a good go.

And the best thing about this is due to the fact that it is all held in your own smartphone you can start the game at any time during your chosen day. So, it will be great for incorporating into your annual Christmas party! Oh, did we mention, there is also a live scoreboard of all the teams in your game as well as their exact location shown on the map, perfect for adding a bit of friendly competition.

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