NEW My Events VIP Area

NEW My Events VIP AreaThis is it, welcome to our NEW My Events VIP Area! When thinking about new features for our website that will help your organising experience better and more fun, we came up with the new My Events VIP Area which provides a hassle free area for the organiser and the rest of the group to pay, chat and find information about the activities a lot easier! Below is a little more information about each main feature, which include:

  • Ability to pay online
  • Group chat facility
  • Allows individual payments
  • Quick and easy emailing
  • 24 hour access

The page can be accessed by the person who has booked the event after the deposit has been paid, and they will receive an email and link to get you started easily. After you’re logged on, you can personalise everything, and we mean everything! You’re able to change your password, the event name, who’s coming, who’s paid, and who you want to send emails out too. The page is made so you can have all the features just the way you want them.

The main feature we wanted to add is the ability to pay online, and for everyone in your group to be able to pay separately or as one big group payment. We know getting money off all of your group can be a bit of a hassle for the organiser, so this gives you the option to take some weight off your shoulders, invite the people attending and let them pay for themselves whenever they want. The 24 hour access also helps with this, making it possible for any of the group to take a look at the itinerary or pay anytime of the day.

The aim of the My Events VIP Area was to provide a space for the whole group to chat and get everything sorted a lot more easily than before, so we also added a group chat area and a feature allowing anyone to send group or individual emails quickly and easily. The group chat connects to your Facebook (if you want it too) and gives your group the opportunity to chat and get excited about the upcoming event. The email section allows you to send out important information to whoever you want quickly, so if you want to surprise the hen, stag or birthday person you can simply send out an email to everyone but them!

If this completely simple and easy way of organising an event appeals to you, call us on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners can give you some more information, as well as help you book an event for any special occasion.

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