NEW Exciting Stag Do Bundle

NEW Exciting Stag Do BundleYour stag do should be something to remember, so why not choose a new exciting stag do bundle that maybe no one has tried, and have a laugh while doing something unique and fun with your stag group. We’ve put together two popular stag do activities that gives you an experience like nothing else, and want to offer them for just £54! Below is a bit more information about the exciting activities and what they’re all about.

This stag party bundle includes:

  • Nude Female Life Drawing
  • Bubble Football

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Nude Female Life Drawing Stag Do

If you’re looking for a stag do that’s a bit more cheeky but still classy and definitely one to remember, nude female life drawing offers a new  that the whole stag group can join in with and is unique and fun. The session is will last around 60mins, giving the whole group enough time to have a practice, have some laughs and then produce some drawings of the nude female model that you can take home with you as a memento.

Don’t worry about experience or any art skills, this stag do activity can be purely for fun or if you want to learn the basics, all you have to do is get stuck in and have a great time to make your stag do special. All of our venues are in the city centre, making them easy to travel to and perfect if you want to carry on your stag do in bars and clubs close by.

The instructor will bring everything for you including the equipment and of course the model, and will guide you through the drawing giving you tips and tricks to make a masterpiece. A nude female life drawing stag do is perfect for any groom to be wanting something a little more laid back and fun, with an element of excitement.  You can do this activity any time of the day you want, and we will organise the city centre venue for you to make your stag do stress free.

Bubble Football Stag Do

A hilarious twist on football, our bubble football activity is perfect for this new exciting stag do bundle, offering you and your mates the chance to bounce, bump and laugh in an hour long session of fun, trying something completely new for a stag do to remember! Zorb football has been increasing in popularity recently, being one of the top stag do choices across the UK and we can definitely see why.

You’ll get to play some football with your whole stag group but with a twist, everyone will be in huge inflatable bubbles making scoring a lot harder and funnier! You might want to bring you’re A game and make sure your team are ready to win, as the instructor will start with a briefing, demonstration and then dive straight into competitions which have forfeit sheets and winners!

Choosing a stag do experience that’s unlike the rest such as zorb football is ideal for creating hilarious memories that you can carry with you into married life, and with this stag do activity allowing as many mates as you want you can share those memories with everyone. All of our Bubble football stag do venues are located in the city centre of London, making it perfect to complete your stag do with either a meal or a night out.

Has this new exciting stag do bundle caught your eye? If so call our events planners on 0161 341 0052 and let them organise your whole stress free, dream stag do.

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