Never Forget Newcastle!

In the true character of its famously cheeky and chirpy population, Newcastle steps to the very front of our list of popular stag do destinations in the UK, all of which you can experience in style without doing more than lifting a finger. You will recall that Leeds took the crown, by popular demand, for our number one stag do destination but Newcastle, with trademark style, saves itself for last to make sure it stays in your imagination…

Anyone who has ever been to Newcastle (or indeed simply knows a Geordie, for they seem to curiously always carry an essential essence of their city with them at all times) will tell you that there really is nowhere like it, and nobody like them, anywhere else on Earth. Of course we are generalising shamelessly but we have never met a Newcastle boy or girl that we didn't have a bit of a soft spot for. Generally optimistic, prodigious appetites for everything, a nice big twist of dry and wry Northern wit and an accent that surely rates as one of the most pleasant to listen to, despite the problems in understanding it seems to cause for Americans!

And that’s just the people. We haven’t even started on the fantastic, trendy Waterfront area or the famous Bigg Market (readers of Viz comic may or may not be shocked to discover that Rupali’s equally-famous Indian restaurant is a very real place, complete with signature eat-it-all-and-pay-nothing offer on what it claims is the hottest curry in the world)..

Newcastle has a big personality for its compact size, and a short taxi hop gets you right across the city. One thing the city is famous for is the football team (affec­ti­onately referred to as 'the toon’) so our Football Stag Weekend could be the perfect choice. Spend the day sharpening your skills before playing some friendly matches, gearing yourself up for a night on the toon with nightclub entry and local bar guide included. Plus free time to do what you want, accommodation and hot breakfast in a decent hotel thrown in, all for one affordable, individual price per stag.

Check out our football stag weekend in Newcastle!

Never Forget Newcastle!

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