Naked Sushi Stag Do in Prague

Naked Sushi Activity

Activity Details

  • Love Sushi – Love Women!
  • Body eating with sushi
  • Beautiful models
  • Something unique

Whether your groom to be is a known fan of sushi or you just want to surprise him with a unique experience, you can’t go wrong with the naked sushi stag do in Prague. The activity is fairly simple: one or more stunning models will lay flat and act as your serving platter for your meal time, laying all the sushi out across their bodies ready for you to dive in. This unique body eating experience is a great excuse to gawk at beautiful women, and is a sure fire way to impress the stag party and have your groom to be talking about his celebrations in Prague for years to come!

What’s Included

  • Body eating with Sushi
  • Beautiful model as your serving platters
  • 12+ people then 2 models, 18+ people then 3 models
  • English speaking guide


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