Most Popular Stag Do Cities: Nottingham

Continuing our whistle-stop tour of some of the most popular city destinations for the perfect stag do, this week we hit Nottingham: perhaps most famous for being the location of Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Already, the perfect theme for the stag night is there for you and all that is left to do is to settle who is going to be Friar Tuck. There are sure to be lots of Maid Marians about on your journey but don’t get too drunk on mead or you may end up having to explain yourself to an angry Sheriff!

Most Popular Stag Do Cities: NottinghamNottingham is a somewhat neglected city and is not often the first that springs to mind when planning a trip away. This very fact means that Nottingham has upped its game and, still something of a hidden gem, now combines a truly cosmopolitan style with a sense of exclusivity and cult appeal. And there is the famous Hooters bar, so everyone’s a winner.

Compact and cute, Nottingham is easy to traverse on foot and there are good public transport links if you want to head any further afield. Comfortably lodged in a classy city centre hotel right in the middle of things, you will have the perfect base from which to go exploring the many bars and clubs, using our bespoke guide if you have booked one of our great-value packages. The waterfront district is one place you must see, with its chilled atmosphere and great restaurants.

Planning a last minute stag do and stuck for ideas? Keep Calm and go to Nottingham! Coincide your trip with the Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival which happens every October in the grounds of the historic and imposing Nottingham Castle. There are at least 1,000 beers and 200 ciders to choose from so make sure you pace yourself for your exciting evening ahead!

Why not check out our activities for Nottingham and arrange the perfect Stag Weekend? Even better, go for one of our top-notch packages and leave all of the arranging, right down to VIP nightclub entry, to us. Funktion Events offer the full experience with the least amount of organising on your part, so all you have to do is enjoy the respect you get for being the best ever Best Man.

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