Most Popular Stag Do Activities in the UK

Most Popular Stag Do Activities in the UK

Make sure the stag do that you’re planning is one to remember.

When it comes to planning the epic stag do you want to make sure that it includes some amazing activities. But it can be hard trying to figure out exactly what stag do activities are the best. From our research over the past year we have been able to put together a list of the most popular stag do activities in the UK. This way you can see what trends were in 2019 and what will continue onto 2020 and beyond!

What is the Most Popular Stag Do Activity?

We have listed the following 10 activities below in order of popularity.

Classic Nightclub Entry Stag Do

10. Nightclub Entry

No stag weekend is complete without ending the night out in the club right? So you would be silly not to add the classic nightclub entry into the celeb­ra­tions. With this addition you will be able to get entry into one of the big clubs in the city before 11pm with nothing else that you need to pay on the door. You will also be able to jump the queue so that you don’t have to stand and wait around all night to get inside. The quicker you get inside the longer you have to dance the night away.

Dodgeball Stag Do

9. Dodgeball

A sporty experience always goes down well with a group of lads right? And what better way to have some fun together then with the dodgeball stag do activity. You will start this activity off with some rules and briefing of how the experience will take place. Then get split into teams and enjoy different variations of the classic dodgeball games. You will also have your own team colours with the bibs you’re given. There will also be an event co-ordinator who will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Paintballing Stag Do

8. Paintballing

Learn how to lock and load in a paintballing experience that all of the lads will love. Sometimes you just want something a little bit competitive that all of the lads can get involved in. And an activity like this will be perfect. You can decide whether you want a full day or half day experience during your stag celeb­ra­tions. All of the equipment that you could possibly need is included too. There will be 100 paintballs for each person to use but you can purchase more on the day if you want to go all out with the ammo.

Go Karting Stag Do

7. Go Karting

If you have a group of lads who love their driving experiences, then something like this could be just what you’ve been looking for. The go karting activity will have you and the lads going head to head in a unique and memorable experience. Start with a safety briefing from your instructors for the day along with practise laps to get everyone to grips with their karts. It’s a great way to put something competitive into the stag experiences and at the end of the races there is an award ceremony with prizes for the winners.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Stag Do

6. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Choose your city of choice and get ready to explore all of the pubs! With the smartphone pub treasure hunt you and the lads will be able to choose the time you start and connect your smartphone device up to the challenge. Using the latest smartphone app technology, you will be able to head to various GPS locations (aka pubs) and complete as many questions, challenges and puzzles as you can in order to gain points for your team. You will be split up for this activity so that there is some friendly competition thrown into the mix.

Footgolf Tournament Stag Do

5. Footgolf Tournament

Instead of deciding whether you should go for a game of football or swing your clubs at the golf course, do both with a footgolf tournament! A simple and competitive stag do experience that we’re sure all the lads will enjoy. You will have a professional events coordinator on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly. There will be 18 holes of footgolf for you to complete with all the footballs and scorecards included. And if that wasn’t enough there is a prize for the winners so make sure you give it your all.

Nude Life Drawing Stag Do

4. Nude Life Drawing

Get the chance to draw your own female life model with the nude life drawing experience. You and the lads will start the session off by meeting your life model. She will de-robe and then get into various poses throughout the session. As well as drawing her poses she gets into you will also be able to play different games. And at the end of the session you can take your fine art work home! The best part about this experience is that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this stag do activity.

Battle Archery Tag Stag Do

3. Battle Archery Tag

If you are looking for some fun and adrenaline during the stag weekend something like battle archery tag will be perfect. First split up into different teams and get ready to go head to head in an experience that mixes together archery and dodgeball. The aim of the game is to eliminate your opponents in order to score points. All of the equipment you need to play this game like the bows and specialised arrows are included on the day.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl Stag Do

2. Beer Babes Bar Crawl

If you want the stag weekend to be full of memories, then the beer babes bar crawl will be something that all of the lads will remember. From drinking games to forfeits for the stag and everything in between. You will have 2-4 beer babes who will chaperone your group depending on your group size. There will also be entry into around 4 bars and then finish the whole experience off with entry into one of the biggest nightclubs in the city. It’s the perfect way to start off the stag do celebrations with the lads.

Bubble Football Stag Do

1. Bubble Football

Now this is the most popular way to celebrate the stag do. A game of bubble football always goes down a treat no matter where you are. It’s a crazy football experience where you and the lads will hop inside an inflatable Zorb bubble. And then for a whole hour you will be bashing and crashing your way through a series of football related challenges and games. It’s the perfect addition if you know all of your group loves a good game of football. And it’s a great way to see who still has football skills inside a bubble suit.

If you still need to plan your stag do then you are in the right place. We have 1000s of amazing stag do activities across 65 different stag do locations in both the UK and Europe!

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