Mobile Perfume Making Team Building

Perfume Making
  • Perfume Making
  • Perfume Making Activity
  • Perfume Making Experience

Activity Details

  • Create your own fragrance
  • Make perfume at your own venue
  • Mobile perfume making
  • Apartments, hotels

What’s Included

  • An enjoyable, relaxing and educational experience
  • Instruction from our trained perfume consultant
  • Sample 18 blends sourced from only the finest ingredients
  • Choose your favourite scents to make your blend.
  • Name your signature scent and take home a gift wrapped 5ml bottle
  • Prize for the best creation – a atomiser pen for easy application
  • Every person will get a unique E-card to register their scent online
  • Then order your personalised perfume online for years to come

The home and mobile perfume making team building experience is a popular team building idea for many companies that have a large female employee workforce and it's a top team building activity for a mixed age group.  Always fancied making like a celeb and designing your own bespoke scent...well here’s your chance. On the perfume making team building event you'll create your very own perfume from the world’s finest ingredients and really test how sensitive and creative your nose really is.  You'll have the unique opportunity to say the perfume is something you created yourself and will never be found in the shops.

During the mobile perfume making team building activity you'll have the chance to sample and find out about our 18 exquisite blends, sourced from the world's finest ingredients, everything from light, fruity notes to heavy, musky notes - something for everyone. Select your favourite blends to create your very own fragrance. Once your unique fragrance has been created, you can name it and take it away with you, as a reminder of your day.


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