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  • £23.00

Activity Details

  • We come to you!
  • 20+ Dance class themes
  • Dance instructor
  • Cottages, Apartments

Kickstart your journey into married life with the fun and energetic mobile dance hen party in Norwich. A popular choice amongst the ladies, this dance session brings all the action to you, whether you want to dance til’ you drop in your living room or you have a apartment that you want to make the most of. On the day, an expert dance tutor will pop up at your door ready to teach you the moves in a fully chore­og­raphed dance routine, all tailored to your ability and skill level. This means that even if you have two left feet, you can still throw on some fancy dress and show off your moves!

What’s Included

  • Enjoy a dance party at your own venue
  • Nice fun warm up
  • Dance instructor
  • Introduction to the dance theme you have chosen
  • Learn some moves
  • Rehearse the dance moves as you go
  • Then put all the moves together for the final performance
  • Don’t forget you can singalong as well
  • Popular dance themes include:
  • 80’s, 90’s,Belly Dancing, Beyonce Single Ladies, Burlesque, Can-Can, Cheer­le­ading, Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Salsa, Thriller

Extra Info:

Gym wear, trainers / pumps

Dress up to the dance party theme


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