Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness is the perfect way to make sure your mind and soul is healthy and happy, especially in work.

Mindfulness in its simplest form means awareness, it is a way of being focused on the present moment and not worrying or thinking about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow or even in the next hour. By becoming mindful within work it will allow you to take a step back from everything else and help you make better decisions as well as enhancing your focus, creativity and your produc­tivity.

Workplace mindfulness is also great for not only individuals but within and across your team. It creates mindfulness in a multi-level concept which has benefits for the employees and the organisation as a whole. To be mindful at work means to be constantly present and avoid letting your mind wander as you are trying to complete a task. Give your full attention to one thing at a time, a good way to help focus on one thing is by planning and making a clear decision of your main focus for the day - it is also important to work a little bit slower at first to ensure you stay focused.    

Focusing on your breathing is another way of staying mindful, by slowing your breathing down you will be in a calmer emotional state. And this is easy to do, simply breathe through your nose for three seconds, hold for three and release through your mouth for three and repeat. With your eyes open or closed you can try this almost anywhere to keep you in a focused and relaxed state of mind.

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If you work at a desk or in a certain area, then make sure you move away from it during your lunch break. Sometimes you may feel like powering through the day but by doing this you will find it harder to concentrate, it is a lot more beneficial to step away from your work area and relax for a bit, whether that be by enjoying your lunch or going out for a walk and some fresh air. But you will find once you have done this you have a clearer headspace ready to get back into work.

Making sure you include these little changes into your daily routine within work will help you live a happier and healthier life. The more you practise these small changes the more benefits you will gain; after all you should be able to enjoy your work life just as much as you enjoy personal life!

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