Military Vehicles - APC Stag Do in Bristol

Military Vehicles - APC Stag Do Bristol
  • Military Vehicles - APC Stag Do Bristol
  • Military Vehicles - APC Stag Do
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  • Military Vehicles - APC Stag Party

Activity Details

  • Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • 15 ton military vehicle
  • Steer through ditches
  • Bulldoze any obstacles

What’s Included

  • Drive a fully working tracked military vehicle
  • The FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier is designed to carry troops into battle over the most challenging terrain.
  • Weighing 15 Tons and powered by an 8 Litre Rolls Royce engine, manoeuvre this incredible vehicle with the rest of the group and set off over testing and rough terrain
  • You'll all get a chance to take the controls and power this Goliath over humps, through ditches and bulldoze any obstacles in your way.
  • Duration 1 hour

This completely unique Bristol stag do experience is great if you’re looking for stag do activity with a twist. Carry your, stag mates in a giant Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) through a variety of courses and put your driving skills to the test. These extreme vehicles weigh 15 tons and driving one is an experience in itself making it perfect for a memorable stag party.

In this Military Vehicles one hour stag do session you’ll get to explore muddy courses and master the wheel of this extreme military vehicle. They’ll be a professional instructor to give you some tips and tricks on driving and lead you round, as well as providing all the equipment you’ll need so all you need to think about is having a good time on the stag do!


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