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Numbers, though they don’t actually exist and we humans made them all up, are very important to us. We have lucky and unlucky numbers, we have a base ten counting system so any number ending in zero feels ‘round’ to us.

Marriage by Numbers

Millions are won, and lost, every day from the lottery to the stock exchange. And everyone has a number they’ve known forever and will never forget (for me it's my first landline phone number, even though i don't know my current mobile number!) Statistics are another realm of numbers that fascinate us and so here are some relating to our favourite thing… weddings!

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Marriage by Numbers StatisticsMarriage by Numbers StatsThough superficial trends change with the wind, a big proportion of couples still keep to the old traditions: a whopping 84% will cut the wedding cake together and 81% of men and women do not see each other for the day or days leading up to the ceremony. Old, new, borrowed and blue collections grace 79%of weddings.

White, after many undisputed years reigning the colour choices, is faltering and deeper, more expressive and emotive colours taking its place. Royal blue was a big favourite last year, with 16% of brides rocking the look.

Marriage by Numbers FiguresThe modern touches are right there along with the traditional: 11% of couples sent out invites online and 27% of couples will create their very own hashtag for the big day.

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