Makeup Tips For the Bride

Makeup Tips for the BRIDEYou’ve decided on your dress, shoes and hair but now it’s time to think about your makeup. It’s one of  the hardest looks to create, since it has to be perfect - after all, it’s your big day.

Think about what you want to create with your wedding day look, do you want it to be natural, bold or bright? Your makeup makes such an impact on your confidence on the day, it has to be right. 

Your makeup needs to last all day, through the crying, hugging, kissing, eating & dancing.

Your mascara will need to be waterproof, lips kiss proof and your skin bomb proof. The key of wedding day makeup is that you enhance your best features.

We’ve got all the inspiration and tips you need!


Choosing the right tone of foundation is difficult because of the huge choice.  Invest in a good foundation, getting the right formulation is essential. However the one foundation that's not recommended for your wedding day, although it looks beautiful in person, mineral based makeup. This type is not ideal for photographs as it looks as if your skin is on an oily film.

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Keep eyeshadow tones muted and matt so that they emphasise, not compete with your natural eye colour. You can’t go wrong with colours that have a brown base, earthy tones (shell pink, bronze) and food tones (cream, caramel and coffee) you can add shimmer to your makeup, however use a brush and be prudent, adding natural glow you already have. When to much shimmer is used, it can make your face look sweaty or oily, flash photography always magnifies shiny makeup.


Don’t neglect your eye brows, but don’t do them yourself. Your brows frame your face so let a professional take care of your brows, it’s a good idea to get them done days before so there’s no redness.


False lashes look amazing, when applied correctly and carefully. Choosing human lashes over synesthetic is essential, human hair lashes blend easily with the natural lash line and take mascara application much better. Choosing the correct shape for your false lashes is essential. If unsure choose a medium length set of lashes with a round shape. Lashes that have the most length in the middle of the eyelash strip create a universally flattering shape. Ardell lashes are a recommended and affordable synthetic brand.

Waterproof mascara

There is a high probability that you will cry on your wedding day, many women make the mistake on assuming that they won’t cry, but don’t take the risk. So remembering to apply waterproof mascara is very important! If wearing false lashes don’t forget waterproof glue too.


Finding the right shade for your lips that coordinates with your makeup, dress and wedding theme is difficult. You need to shop around and try plenty of colours. The colour of your lipstick obviously needs to coordinate with the rest of your makeup theme, but the colours that look great are a deep red or a deep berry plum. These colours are a great contrast with white wedding dresses, however if you want something subtle, a nude lipstick topped with a baby pink gloss gives a fresh and striking look without being over powering. However keep the gloss to a minimum as your lips can look unnaturally wet and glare shiny in your photographs - don’t forget hubby won’t be very pleased with him having to wear gloss. Remember to apply a thin water based primer to hydrate and maximise the finished look.

Have a little bag of useful bits close by

It is important that you have a few of your essentials in a little bag that you can get to. On your wedding day you want to look and feel amazing and if there is a slight imperfection that is frustrating you, like your lipstick has come off slightly- this will make you feel negative. You want to feel amazing and know that your lippie is close by just incase.

White t-shirt

When you are having make up tests wear a white t-shirt, this is so you can see what your makeup looks up against a pale colour and get a feel of what it will look like with your wedding dress, so you're not guessing on the day.

Don’t follow the trend

For your wedding day, it’s not recommended that you follow an obscure makeup fashion trend, remember the photographs taken you will have to live with for the rest of your married life. Most importantly enjoy the process of finding the perfect makeup for you. Its so much fun and all makeup artists are so happy to help you and ensure you find the exact make up look you are looking for and enjoy the whole experience. However if you are thinking about doing your makeup yourself, it’s a good idea to schedule a makeup lesson with a licenced professional to teach you everything you need to know. This will give you confidence and knowledge that will last past your wedding day.

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