Maid Of Honour Duties

Maid of Honour DutiesOne of the most rewarding jobs is being your best friend’s maid of honour, and while the bride is busy being happy, sad, scared and excited you can be there for her if needed, making sure everything goes amazing on her special day.

As well as all of the physical tasks that are in your hands as a maid of honour, one of the most important duties is to give the bride-to-be moral support. Her wedding day is a huge milestone in life, but if you’re standing by with positive words everything will seem much easier and less stressful for her.

On The Day Essentials 

  • It’s your duty to help the bride with all the pre-wedding arrangements including a bridal shower, dress fittings and formal dinners that may need doing. With you helping, the bride will have some of the stress taken off her shoulders
  • Make sure that all the bridesmaids have had all their makeup and hair sorted, so they are looking and feeling amazing for their friends/­sisters big day, avoiding any drama and keeping everyone looking great for the wedding photos

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  • You will be leading the bridesmaids and making sure everyone is okay, so sorting any dress mishaps or missing jewellery before the ceremony is wise
  • Helping the bride get changed before her honeymoon, making sure that her wedding dress is put away safely and that she has all her necessities ready
  • This day is all about the happy couple, so anything the bride may need no matter how small, you should do your best to help as this is the day she’ll want to look back on as perfect
  • Keep a list of all the presents received, not forgetting at bridal showers and any other pre celebrations she may be attending. This will be a huge help when the bride is writing thank you cards and in case anything goes missing
  • Remember you will need to play hostess on the wedding day along with the rest of the bridesmaids, meeting and greeting guests will keep spirits high for the reception later
  • Keep the bride smiling at ALL times, even if she has tears of happiness throughout her wedding day
  • And don’t forget to have fun as well! This is what the bride would want and you deserve to have a good time after all that hard work and wedding planning

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