London Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Christmas Event

London Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Christmas EventVery different to your classic end of year meal, this London smartphone pub treasure hunt Christmas party is a great way to get the whole team together and celebrating the upcoming holidays. This experience takes you around the famous capital of England, visiting some popular, quirky and wonderful pubs around the city while unlocking quizzes and clues to be the first team to complete the treasure hunt. If you’re looking for an office Christmas party that’s totally unique and definitely one to remember, this event is definitely one to consider!

On the day, you can choose whatever time you want to activate this GPS driven, high tech smartphone app and start your Christmassy adventure. The app will have everything you need for the day on it, so all you need to do is download it, charge your phone and away you go. When you’re ready, split into different teams and be prepared for some friendly competition between the teams, who will be exploring the pubs separately.

Your interactive task is to answer some pub trivia, unlock clues, complete puzzles and ace challenges to become the winners and visit as many pubs as you can! You can choose the pub in the various locations and even have a couple of drinks along the way, and with the beautiful decorations around London you’ll really feel the Christmas spirit while enjoying the pub treasure hunt. The app also contains live scoreboards so you can track the other teams and even message them with some fighting words.

They’ll also be a space to take some team selfies and name your team so you can really get creative. There is a variety of different topics within the pub trivia including sport, history, entertainment and general knowledge – some even about London. Because this is a self-run activity, you choose everything on the day and there’s a lot of room to personalise your event for your team, making it extra special for the festive time of year.

Does the London Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Christmas Party sound perfect for your Christmassy celebrations? If so, give us a call on 0161 341 0052 for help organising this or any other London Christmas Party Ideas.

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