Come On! Let's Hear You Sing

Karaoke Pods & Drinks Hen PartySomething that ruins the karaoke experience for many people is simple nervousness about singing in front of strangers.

The nerves take over and inhibit the performer, making the experience an awful one and putting them off trying again; some people never even get up there in the first place. Wouldn't it be great to have your very own private karaoke machine, with thousands of songs to choose from…?

Well, now you can! The karaoke pod has arrived. You and your mates get together in a completely private, snug little room with access to a top-notch machine, microphones and lighting that will make you all feel like superstars.

The machine itself is really something to shout (or sing!) about. With its simple touchscreen operation, you’ll get started right away; who will be the first to take to the private stage? There are at least 8,000 tracks to choose from so there will be something to suit every taste guaranteed; you can search the file directly or browse and be inspired.

Karaoke Pods & Drinks Hen PartyAs for the pod, we are talking about a beautifully designed space. From the moment the door closes behind you, the pod transports you to another world entirely and you won’t believe how quickly you forget the real world outside. If you fancy more time after the hour session, extra hours are available at a special price to your group.

A couple of cheeky drinks always helps to get the karaoke vibes going and of course we have organised these for you as well. The experience includes either 4 bottles of wine, 4 cocktail jugs or 16 bottles of lager to wet your whistles and make sure you have that extra bit of Dutch courage for your turn in the spotlight. And, as you’re only with friends, there is no need to feel nervous: go ahead and create some memories.

Find out more about the karaoke pod experience. We would love you to share your memories with us so why not drop us an email if you have enjoyed this or any other experience from Funktion Events? You could be in the spotlight here as well…

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