Leeds Stag Party Ideas

Need help planning your Leeds stag party? Let the ideas below give you some inspiration to organise your perfect stag party weekend. All stag do’s need fun activities to keep the whole group happy and entertained – whatever interests or budget the group has.

A great experience for a stag weekend in Leeds due to many factors; amazing nightlife, plenty of stag activity options and great city centre hotels.

Leeds Naked Female Life Drawing Party

Leeds Naked Female Life Drawing PartyNeed a unique activity for a stag weekend?  STOP - you've found it! If you fancy looking at a naked lady, then add some class and incorporate it within a life drawing class for stag parties. This activity that we offer around Leeds is perfect for a stag party who wants to try something completely different and new, but still slightly naughty!

This stag party naked female life drawing class gives the whole group the chance to ‘express’ themselves through art. You will be guided by an experienced life drawing teacher who will help you with some basic techniques and be on hand to give you any help you need.

Your model will be one of our 20- or 30-something female models; there’s no big hair or fake boobs to look at – all of our models have pretty & natural ‘girl next door’ looks – appealing to everyone.

Leeds Bubble Football

If you’re looking for a really unique Leeds stag do idea, look no further – bubble football will be right up your street. This growingly popular stag party idea is available in Leeds and is definitely memorable for you, family and friends.

A bubble football stag party guarantees laughs with 4 to 5 ten minute games and either an indoor or outdoor pitch hire. Although you may not be able to fit on the sub bench, the amount of bouncing, rolling and laughing your party will do will keep a smile on your face whenever you think of your unforgettable stag party.­ With both elements of competition and fun, this activity is perfect for a stag do that loves to be sporty, or even just wants to try something new. All this while still leaving room for a beer or two after the activity is over!

Leeds Man vs Food Stag Activity

Leeds Man vs Food Stag ActivitySo you think you're the Adam Richman of your friends? Take The Stags Man vs Food challenge in Leeds and put your stomach & reputation to the test! Become a legend forever or join the rest of the losers. With an extreme amount of food in front of you, compete with your stag and friends to win or laugh at the ones who lose - either way you’re in for a great time in one of the funniest stag do ideas there is.

Because you’re in Leeds, you won’t have a hard time finding bars and drinks to cool down your mouth after the extremely hot wings the man vs food offers, making this city centre location perfect for abit of competitive fun with your stag party, as well as a drink and laughs later when all the food is gone (fingers crossed!)


Dodge, duck and dive to get in the best position to throw that winning shot. Throughout the dodgeball stag do activity, you’ll be throwing the ball at the opposition with some well-aimed shots while dodging balls coming your way. The winning team is quite simply the last man/ lady standing. Wimps need not apply!

The object of this stag do idea is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them "OUT". This may be done by hitting an opposing player with a LIVE (hasn't been deflected off another person/­surface) thrown ball below the shoulders.

Simply, your stag party can enjoy a whole day of laughing and throwing in their own space with a variation of fun dodgeball games without anyone telling them not to – perfect for stags.

See hundreds of stag do ideas in Leeds and get this party started!

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