Cocktail Making - Partini Class for Groups

Groups Cocktail Making Partini Class
  • Groups Cocktail Making Partini Class
  • Groups Cocktail Making Partini Class Activity
  • Groups Cocktail Making Partini Class Experience
  • £25.00

Activity Details

  • Late night start times
  • Mix and shake cocktails
  • Sweets, inflatables, games
  • Includes Nightclub Entry

What better way to kick off the evening than with the late night cocktail making for groups? It’s a great way to get everyone together and ready to enjoy an experience like no other. A cocktail making class is basically made for anyone out there who is looking for a good time and a night out to remember (or forget!) 

What’s Included

  • Held in late bars / nightclubs
  • VIP Booth with fun merchandise
  • Party dish full of sweets
  • Learn to make 2 cocktail each
  • Plus a large Partini cocktail to share
  • Finish with a jagerbomb rally
  • Free entry to the nightclub afterwards
  • Exclusive to your group, you wont be in a mixed class

Whether you’ve tried your hand at this class before or if it is a new experience for you, all we know is your whole group will fall in love with mixing together flavours to create your own master­pieces. Cocktail classes have become the best up and coming activity for groups all over the UK and it all comes down to the fact that it is a fun, light hearted and hilarious activity that nobody can turn down. Whether you’re a cocktail lover or not you sure will be after this 1-1.5 hour long experience. On the day you will be greeted by your bartender and be shown to your seats for the evening, and of course since this activity is held in a late bar or nightclub the atmosphere is going to be amazing.

And then it’s time for the fun stuff, your bartender will give you a quick demons­tra­tion and an insight on all the tips and tricks you need to become a cocktail connoisseur and then it’s your groups turn. It’s time to get behind the bar and see if you’ve got what it takes to create a cocktail masterpiece as you muddle and mix, shake and stir and everything else in between. You could also add abit of competition into the evening by getting the bartender to judge whose cocktail looks the best (so don’t forget the garnish!) Once you’re all done we’ll bring out a giant partini cocktail and a jagerbomb rally! And then of course it’s time to hit the clubs.


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