Hen Party Gifts for the Last Minute Hens

Last Minute Hen Party Gifts

Getting your friends hen party gifts to let them know they’re invited or just because you love them is all the rage lately – and we’re totally on board with this! However, it can sometimes be an after-thought when you’ve got so much to think about with organising hen party activities, so we’re here to help you with some last minute hen party gifts that your bridesmaids will still love and appreciate.

Small Gifts

If you’re planning to surprise your hen party guests with a gift, it’s nice to bunch together small gifts that are personal to your friendship. This makes it one of the easiest last minute hen party gifts, because you can grab small food items, little decorations are even print some pictures of them easily and cheaply. We suggest cute ideas like ‘hangover rescue balm’ for the night after, some bridesmaid badges and maybe even a few hen party accessories.

Glitzy Gifts

Just because we’ve called them glitzy gifts doesn't technically mean they need to sparkle – but it’s always nice! We’re mainly referring to bigger, more expensive and more special gifts that will really make your friends say wow. This is the perfect thing to spend any leftover hen do budget on, because glitzy gifts are sure to be remembered and appreciated. A full bang of hangover kits, shoes, make up and cheeky temporary tattoos is a fun idea, are you could go all out and buy each gal a stunning outfit for the party.

Group Gifts

When it comes to last minute hen party gifts, the easiest way to go is buying one huge gift that everyone can enjoy. As long as you put some thought into it, this can be a really cute way to say thank you, and an awesome icebreaker for friends who don’t know each other yet. Group gifts can include a ‘kiss the bride’ picture frame that everyone can leave their kiss mark on and grab a copy after the party, or just a bunch of drinks – people always like saving money on a girl’s night out!

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Happy Henning Girls!

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