Last Minute Festive Wedding Ideas

Last Minute Festive Wedding Ideas

If you are planning your wedding around this time you may be thinking of adding some little festive finishing touches.

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With the weather getting colder and the night’s drawing in earlier you will probably be thinking of what you can include in your wedding to get everybody in the festive spirit. Winter can be one of the most magical and romantic times of year, perfect for a wedding. And there are a few ways to make sure that your wedding is as magical and memorable as it can be for yourself and your guests!

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Firstly, think about the colours. When we think of winter you automati­cally think of whites, reds, greens. A good way to include these colours would be through your wedding bouquet. Fresh red flowers with the green leaves would be a perfect. Or if you want to add more of a modern touch to your day then royal blue is a perfect alternative.

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When it comes down to the décor why not use things like holly, pinecones, baubles, tinsel, glitter, anything winter or Christmas themed really. Depending on what type of theme you are going for will of course decide what type of décor you will use.

Link your bridesmaid dresses with a festive colour scheme. Or if you have already got the dresses why not think of a way you can incorporate something festive into their accessories? A red ribbon around their bouquet or in their hair?

If you really want to be extra, then adding some decorated Christmas trees may be a good shout for your venue. It will definitely make the celebrations feel festive, cosy and magical. Or if you are after some table centrepieces then a traditional festive ginger bread house could be the perfect baked treat that you needed!

And we are sure whatever last minute festive wedding ideas you have, they will be truly magical and really help to bring in all of the festive vibes that everybody knows and loves.

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