Karaoke Stag Do in Frankfurt

Stag Do Karaoke

Activity Details

  • Private room
  • Karaoke bar
  • Heaps of songs
  • Upgrade with food

If you’re looking to surprise the stag with something silly and utterly hilarious, the karaoke stag do in Frankfurt is right up your street. What better way to prank the stag and get a few funny videos than getting him and the rest of the lads to sing their hearts out in the middle of Frankfurt? This particular experience has everything you need to become the next Elvis Presley, including a private room in a karaoke bar so you can feel comfortable belting out your favourite tunes. Your stag group will have full reign of the karaoke machine for an hour, so make the most of it lads!

What’s Included

  • 1 hour karaoke event
  • Exclusive rental of a karaoke room
  • Modern karaoke machine
  • Large selection of different songs
  • Rooms fit up to 25 people
  • Add on Asian food for an extra cost - let us know


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