Karaoke & Evening Meal Birthday Party in Leeds

Karaoke & Evening Meal Birthday Party in LeedsIf you’re looking for a fun and exciting Leeds birthday party activity to treat yourself too on your special day, then a karaoke and evening meal birthday party might be just for you. Leeds is our most popular destination for unique birthday parties, and has so much to offer in the city centre including an exciting party atmosphere that’s perfect for a night of karaoke and an evening meal.

The activity as a whole last around 3-4 hours, kicking off with a glass of bubbly for everyone followed by the classic evening meal first. There is a variety of foods to choose from on the set menu, meaning there is something for everyone’s tastes from burgers to curries. The meal consists of a main course and a dessert, filling you up ready for an exciting night of karaoke and laughs.

After the meal the whole birthday group can get stuck in to the karaoke, with a choice of over 8,000 songs that range from well-known hits to songs in the charts right now! All of your group will be shown to your personal booth with luxury seating, where you can sing your hearts out to some of your favourites and have some laughs on your birthday. While in the booth, a drinks service is at the touch of a button so all you need to worry about is enjoying yourself and having fun because you deserve it.

This birthday party activity is ideal for anytime of the day, whether you want an earlier party or go out in the evening, it’s completely your choice. All of our restaurants and bars are in the Leeds city centre, making it easy for you to fill your day around the activity whether that be shopping or visiting one of Leeds’ many famous landmarks.

Feeling like the karaoke and evening meal birthday party in Leeds is right up your street? Call us on 0161 341 0052 and let our events planners help you organise the perfect birthday party!

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