Be Organised and Start Planning Your Birthday

Birthday PartyIt isn’t my birthday for ages but I decided about five minutes ago that I’m going to have an extra one this year. This weekend, as it happens. Her Royal Highness has two birthdays and you can’t argue with royalty. With this rather weak justification for selfishly browsing the Funktion website to find my own idea of a perfect party to write about, I will leave you to envy me…

You can’t tell, but a full hour and a bit more has passed since I finished writing the previous paragraph. I get happily lost among the Funktion Events pages every week but when it’s your own party you’re planning… well let’s just say I had a TRIPLE good read this time instead of just double!

Seeing as I have two birthdays now, I feel like I’m a two-activity kinda celebrator too. So my attention was first taken by the bundle deals - get two activities from our most-popular selection for one great price. They all look great but it didn’t feel like I was being difficult-diva enough so I made my own bundle instead.

Birthday PartyLife is all about contrasts so I decided to go for a wild and crazy activity followed by the total opposite. Or maybe the other way round; I hadn’t decided yet. Don’t rush a diva! Eventually I decided on the mobile pamper party so that the good times could come to me and my mates. Haven’t decided which treatment I’ll have yet so I’ll take the advice of the trained and qualified pamperers on the night.

It might seem like a bit of a cop-out with all the interesting and varied activities on offer but i am a traditional type at heart and can’t think of anything better than a good night out dancing. Me and my mates will be queue-jumping into a late bar with our own booths guaranteed and I’m vowing that this time I’ll wear some sexy sneakers; I just can’t cope with another night with another broken high heel!

Wish us luck! Fancy creating your own bundle for your birthday or for your not-birthday-birthday?

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