It's Engagement Season! Are You Ready?

It’s gearing up to engagement season, when the combination of summer sunshine during the day and long, cool summer nights filled with adventure means that proposals pop out left, right and centre. The best thing about a couple getting engaged is, in our opinion, the bone-fide, cast-iron and watertight excuse for a serious party with your best mates. And because we love seeing best mates have the best parties, we made it our business, literally...

So in an effort to get more of you in proposal mood, creating for us the opportunity of showing off our party-planning prowess, let’s talk about engagement. There is just as much tradition surrounding it as the wedding itself and almost as much disag­re­ement: how long should it last, how much planning to do, who should do what, the ever-contentious engagement ring….

The ring is a good place to start. The average cost of this piece of finery is £1,772 which represents around 8% of the total wedding budget. Diamond rings were the most popular by an overwhelming majority; 87% of brides-to-be had an engagement ring featuring this most precious of precious stones. Choosing the ring together is a good way to make sure the bride likes it and can be a romantic, exciting experience for both parties and 35% of couples took this option.  Statistics from hitched.­co.­uk.

There are no rules as to when a proposal might be made but a good bet is that your partner might pop the question while you are on holiday together, just like 36% of couples questioned by You & Your Wedding. Other times that featured in the ranking were during or after a romantic meal (13%) or on a specially-arranged day or night away somewhere (10%). Around 8% of people chose to propose during the festive season compared to 3% in Valentine’s Day and a measly 1% on New Year’s Eve.

A resounding 39% of brides would be doing all or most of the organising though inte­res­tingly this figure was not subdivided to tell what percentage of brides were doing this by choice! 56% of brides said they would ‘probably go over budget’, suggesting that a majority were definitely in charge of the purse strings…

With all the wedding orga­nisa­tion, arranging a stag or hen night can seem like an extra chore. Don’t let it be: come to Funktion Events and let us create the perfect celebration. There is something to suit every taste, every age and every budget so dive in and get ready for amazingness: Stags and Hens.

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