It's a Knockout Team Building in Nottingham

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Activity Details

  • Wacky multi team game
  • Based on the hit TV show
  • Large groups only
  • Wet, wild & funny

Inject some friendly competition into your day with the TV classic It’s a knockout team building in Nottingham. Unlike the rest, this is the perfect opportunity to get everyone enjoying some well needed outdoor fun together all whilst getting your team to work together to win 1st prize. If you think you’ve got what it takes to come face to face with the game show classics then give it a go, it includes everything you could possibly need for a successful team building experience.

What’s Included

  • Aimed at large groups of 50-500 people
  • Receive a briefing as to how the day will run, followed by a comical warm up
  • Nominate your team captain to lead you to victory!
  • Games are based from the hit TV show
  • Take part in fun filled games that will get the whole team laughing
  • A mixture of inflatable, costume and relay games
  • Be prepared to take part in the wettest, wildest and wackiest activities on offer!
  • Take spare clothes and a towel because we guarantee you will get wet!
  • Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
  • Fully event managed

Including the wettest, wildest and wackiest games imaginable, your team captain will take you through all the TV shows classic obstacles and guide you to the finish line for a chance to win 1st place. All teams will nominate a team captain who will be issued a joker card at the start of your It's a Knockout team building event, this card can be played on any one game and will instantly double the points earned within that game, so keep that card close to your chest!

The teams will rotate around the different games which will be a mixture of inflatable and costume games from space hopper races to penguin pursuit, which are all sure to get your group giggling. This hilarious day of non-stop fun is the perfect opportunity to get your colleagues working together and improving all working relati­on­ships all whilst letting off some steam and escaping the office for a few hours.

You get a choice of which games you would like your group to participate in from the list below:

Inflatable Games

  • Funnel Tunnels
  • Human Table Football
  • Slippery Slope
  • Bomb the Castle
  • Mangle/­Washing Machine
  • The Hurdles
  • Dress the Sportsman
  • Shoot for Goal

Costume Games

  • Magic Carpets/­Giants
  • Sumo Relay
  • Music Monkeys
  • Penguin Pursuit                 

Relay Games 

  • Space Hopper Race
  • GiantSack Race
  • Wacky Relay
  • Water Wars


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