International Travel Advice

Before you head off overseas for your hen do adventure, it’s wise to triple check you’ve got everything you need for safe travels. With so much to think about, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand with a quick checklist of all the serious stuff you’ll need before you hop onto a plane and jet off for a fabulous hen weekend.

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Passports & Visas

It may seem like an obvious one, but forgetting your passport is unfortunately more common than you think. To make sure the whole group have guaranteed access through security and onto the first part of the holiday, double check everyone has their passports.

For different nationals, you’ll want to make sure each person who is not a UK passport holder checks their own visa requirements to make sure they’re eligible to get through airport security. It may sound simple, but these things will save you a lot of hassle!

Safe & Healthy Travel

Before you travel abroad, make sure you gather an adequate amount of foreign travel advice that will help you remember everything and make sure you’re fit to fly. You can find all the travel advice you need here:


Travel Insurance

As all of the overseas countries we work with fall in the EU, this means you’ll receive reciprocal health arrangements as you’re coming from the UK. However, we still recommend purchasing your own travel insurance which will cover costs of any medical attention you may need while abroad. We also suggest you register for a European Health Insurance Card with the Post Office, if you haven’t already.

Some companies to purchase travel insurance from include:

Airport Security

International Travel Advice

While you’re going through security at the airport, no one likes to be side-tracked and have their bags searched for no reason. Avoid packing anything that may make your bag unfit for the plane:

Liquids – If you’re carrying liquids in a container larger than 100ml that measure more than 20cm x 20cm, you will not be permitted to fly. Before you arrive at the airport, place all your liquids into one clear, resealable plastic bag. Each person is only permitted one bag, with medicines being exempt.

Lighters – each person is allowed to carry 1 lighter aboard the plane. These need to be place within a clear, resealable plastic bag and carried on you throughout the flight.

Personal Items – When you’re packing, make sure you remove any sharp objects from your hand luggage such as corkscrews (sorry ladies), scissors, or anything with a blade on it.

Electronic Devices – Most electronic devices are permitted in your hand luggage, however they will need to be turned on – so make sure they’re fully charged before you get to the airport!

If we haven't quite covered everything you want or need to know, head over to the official government website for a more in depth guide on any destination you're travelling too. - https://­www.­gov.­uk/­foreign-travel-advice

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